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jenny r

Thanks for the update! I had kind of assumed something didn't work out, but I figured that if you wanted to talk about it, you would have.


i am so glad we finally gave them to you and we get to keep you around.

s t a c i

Yay! Hey - we'll make Austin a walkable city. We'll just walk, okay? I can even loan you a dog for the walks.

I'm just so glad you're staying. :)


thank christ you finally talked about it! having to keep it a secret was killing me!!!

ok, not really.

the lizard is awesome.


I've cried once at a blog post today and you made me do it again. Thank you :) It's sooo good to know you have dear friends to whom one means so much. I sometimes wonder if my friends like me as much as I like them. I'm sorry you won't get to move, but then I'm glad you will at least have your best knitting buds. Cheers!


So glad you've stuck around, and so glad you get to do the seaming work, Haha! Much love!


I'm so glad you're staying! And I love that Lizard Ridge is now a celebration blanket and that you get to contribute! Plus..seaming sucks..but I'll help in exchange for wine


could you be any sweeter? thanks for the thanks...and enjoy knitting that last little scratchy-assed square!


Sh*t! I just cried reading your blog. I can't knit worth anything (I can't seem to go anywhere after casting on) and I don't have a knitting group...but now I want one! And frackin' beautiful squares!!


Wow - what an awesome gift. (Although I'm not sure that friends are supposed to give the "gift" of seaming that puppy. Not fun.) =)


I love those colors. And how you have them all stacked up like newspapers. Thanks for the link, too. Now I know what will be eating up some more project time.


Dude! Even though I'm not one of your locals, I'm really glad you're staying in Austin!! I was very sad at the prospect of no Caro at Kid-n-Ewe, etc.

Now we just need to figure out how to make Texas smaller so that we can do more cross-city stuff -- your group of seven with my group of nine! :D


Very, very awesome. Bummed your adventure fell through - but it sounds like your group of friends is worth hanging around for ;)


I was sort of looking forward to having you in Minneapolis, only about 3 1/2 hours from me here in Iowa City, but I did wonder, because you hadn't said anything for so long. I will say that when you showed us the pictures of your home improvements, I wondered how you could leave them behind!


I'm sorry you won't be joining us! But glad that you have good friends down there that take such excellent care. :)


Awww, that is AWESOME! And I love that you get to put your part into it - and seam it all up into one big blanket of love.
I :heart: my Lizard Ridge. And the crochet border is totally worth it - despite my lack of love for the crochet.


That is such a super sweet crafty gift collaboration!


I am so glad you have such a great group! And I wouldn't have wanted to leave those bathroom tiles either. Seriously! Your house is so cute.

Catie P

what a cool idea, and i love the fact that you have a piece to knit too. yae for knitting friends!


I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the update,


Did you guys meet at knitflix?


and this is fabulous...what a treat and special friends...good to hear your still in Austin.


What a lovely gift from friends!

Too bad about your possible move to our lovely state of 10K LYSs! (forget about 10K lakes.)


While I considered myself lucky because I could always hunt you down - uhm, I mean visit you - while visiting family up in Minnesota, I'm even more thrilled to say publicly that I'm glad that you'll still be just down the road in Austin. That means I can see you much more often! (And you're always welcome to visit H-Town too!)

That is so beautiful that they made that for you - they are such wonderful people and you're lucky to have them so close!

stella from new zealand

what wonderful knit-buddies, it was kama that you stayed. and congrats on the yarnivale entry!

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