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Me too! I think your socks turned out well. And I'm currently working on them - skipped the weird cast on, did cut the yarn for the first sock but will not for the second one. Ha-ha! And I thought it was me thinking am I going batty? (Esp. since I'm somewhat new to sock knitting.) I'll listen to you, shoulda and will follow my initial instincts.


Great socks, ces chaussettes sont magnifiques !


I just finished these and did the same cuff and not-breaking-the-yarn modifications and I was really happy with mine. I especially like the koigu color way you chose!


The yarn looks so pretty with it though! For what it is worth, I knit them with a regular cast-on and twisted rib and they looked fine.


These look lovely, and that's a nice yarn.

I like the garter-edge heel, too. I was questioning it until I put the socks on and discovered that it was kind of a continuation from one of the leaves to the bottom of the sock, and it kinda highlights the shape of your heel: neat-o!

RE: the weird cast-on, oh well, at least we've all learned a new technique. For what it's worth :)

I agree with doing the Kitchener stitch toe; I hate when that hole opens up over time, grrrr.

Knitting Bandit

I really like your yarn choice. Very pretty. The pattern doesn't get lost in it at all. Thanks for the "pattern notes"!


How cool! I've been starting and restarting these socks multiple times now, trying to capture the laciness that I admired in the photo. The first yarn I used (a true sock yarn) with #2s just came out almost bulky and the lace wouldn't stretch to show its lovely pattern of holes. Then I tried it again on #1s and it was marginally better. Then I switched to another finer yarn, a blend of corn fiber and nylon on #1s and it's definitely better, but still not what I envisioned. I also abandoned the weird caston, mostly because it hurt my brain to do figure it out. I will finish this pair and hope they come out as lovely as yours.

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