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But they're pretty, even if they were fussy and sort of annoying... Heh, I just substitute stitch patterns into my basic sock pattern and knit the same basic sock over and over...


They do look pretty! But yeah, I'm like Chris too....


I love those socks! I think the yarn goes perfectly with the pattern. But I agree with you, socks seem easier when you do the heel, cast on, and toe that you like. It's the joy of knitting, getting so comfortable with certain techniques that they are like second nature!


Sorry if they were a pain to knit but the yarn looks great with that pattern!

s t a c i

I think I've used that exact color of Koigu before!

If I had only read your description (and not seen your photos) I would have expected icky socks. But these are gorgeous! I hope you forget about the "meh-ness" when it comes time to wear them!

Hey - this is the first Ravelry link I've seen on a blog! Smart.


I loved them as soon as I saw them on Flickr and found that exact colourway on eBay - although the seller's photos don't do it any justice!

I know what you mean about the heel and cuff. I just did a normal k1tbl, p1 and I definitely did NOT cut the yarn at the heel - weird indeed.

[I remember when the pattern first came out, every was echoing your thoughts, and the designer actually responded with an explanation - something about being 'unique'.]


Pretty socks! Do you break the yarn where the top of the heel flap, gusset, & instep meet? If so it might be to create an end that you can use to close the hole that might occur at that junction. Just a guess.


Well they do look lovely! They are perfect late summer/fall socks. But I agree about pattern, I did a different cast on and I don't like breaking the yarn and it seems like with a little planning you could skip this step. I do like the heel fine but I prefer a Kitchener stitch toe. But I do think that the leaf motif is so pretty!


All the weird cast-on and other instructions have kept me from knitting these socks... I'm glad to hear that they didn't really make any difference. I'll probably start a pair with the tried and true cast on and heel methods.


I thought exactly the same of the cast-on, which is why I didn't use it. I wasn't as confident about not breaking the yarn at the heel, so I did that, and had extra ends to weave in. And I actually liked the toe a lot -- I'll use it again!

The yarn is gorgeous - I want some!


If it's any consolation at all, the socks turned out beautifully! So many people made them in green, it's refreshing to see that warm handpainted brown colorway.


like everyone else, i think they look great even if they bugged you to make them. great yarn choice for the pattern, too.


5 months?!
they may have taken long and they may have driven you nuts, but they are beautiful!
tempting... so very lovely socks... i may try them with your alterations some day.


I knit these socks on panda cotton and at first tried the cast on method they suggested. ICK. I ripped it out and just did a long tail. I did do the twisted rib (I sort of like how the twisted stitches look) but when I saw that you were supposed to break the yarn for the heel, I thought WTF? I did not do that and no one is the wiser. I do think the stitch pattern is very pretty and I love the color of your koigu! Very pretty socks!


Ooooo, those are pretty! Thanks for the pattern notes, too -- these are on my list, but I'm sure I will modify the pattern a bit, too. What's with breaking the yarn, anyway? That's just weird.


I always wonder why a pattern says to break the yarn before the heel. WHY????? Yours came out cute though. I do like the little garter stitch detail.


I had the same questions when the pattern first came out re: the yarn breaking and the heel. I really like your finished version though.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Ooooh--love those embossed leaves!


While I find your socks beautiful, I am not sure you're speaking English anymore. Eye of partridge? Heh? It appears Finny does not Knit as much as she'd like anymore. Your socks are lurvely.


Love the yarn. Duh. And the pattern is pretty, but I wouldn't have done the cuff that way either.


I've said it before and will say it again: all that weird casting on and yarn cutting is just crazy talk. What is the point? Nonetheless, I love your socks and that koigu makes them especially pretty and special. They look great.


The socks are beautiful! I've never made socks but I could get inspired by those. They look like the kind to wear on a cold day while reading by the fire.


Ooooh...so pretty!


Well they look really pretty!!


I've always liked that pattern, and it is on my mental "to do" list, but I've printed your suggestions, which are very good ones, so I can modify the design when I finally get to it. I love the Koigu colorway, and the knitting looks beautiful

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