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Awww Happy Birthday precious Indy!! I'm heading out this evening for a knitting/drinking night too! Enjoy it!!


Awww, she CAN haz sprinkles!

A note on the chocolate: my dog ate a bunch of trail mix once when I was out of the house, and of course I panicked and called the vet, but she told me that an animal would have to eat about a tenth of its bodyweight in chocolate before you really need to worry. Not that I'm advocating sharing that cupcake, but if she did happen to get in a leetle lick, no worries.

Christy / Not Hip

Oh, the kitty treat trick. We use it whenever we try to get our cat to do something.
My kitty is naturally whiny, so when my husband took her on the plane from VA to OR; she was very vocal and very loud about the whole thing (for the entire plane ride). A pet psychic came up to him in the airport to volunteer to help him out. She told him that she senses that the cat was very anxious and stressed out. It was all he could do not to say "No shit, you mean that's why she is crying at the top of her lungs?"
I was lucky enough to miss the whole thing, already being in OR at the time.

Jeanne B.

Happy Birthday, Indy!

Jake, Zander, Ophelia, Sam & Tyler


Great shots!

My dogs have both stolen their fair share of chocolate and have lived to well, do it again. One of my dogs even ate all the little brown wrappers out of an empty chocolate box!

Cats are so much more sensible.


Happy Birthday Indy!! Like children, they grow up so quickly don't they? I can imagine you're going to be hanging with some very pink ladies so tell the most very pinkish one that Anxiousdog-Kate says hello! And to save room for a rocket-scientist!


Aaaaaaw, I love the photo where she's about to eat the blue sprinkle.


Happy B'day Indy! So very very cute :)

Plum Texan

i'm in ur table...(not rly) eetin ur cupcake

Sorry...couldn't resist (I just spent an hour looking at I Can Has Cheezburger). I actually stopped by to tell you that a) my boy cat loves Triscuits too and b) he and his sister are turning 10 this year as well! Senior cats? Really?

Happy b-day to Miss Indy!


Happy Birthday, kitty! What clever photo styling... made for such a sweet little picture!


Happy Birthday to Miss Indy! She's adorable!

My cat Sam loves human food, particularly Cheetos. It's concerning. I would not have dared set a cupcake in front of him because he would have devoured it in one bite.


awww she's beautiful! Happy birthday Indy!!!


happy b-day, Indy! how cute... cats are really not suposed to eat human treats, but as cats - they hardly do what they're supposed to do... http://yarn-n-coffee.blogspot.com/2007/05/rhaaaaaaaa.html
enjoy the birthday weekend!


Happy birthday, Senorita Indy! (Hey, what's wrong with being a Crazy Cat Lady anyway?! Heck, there's even a Crazy Knitting Cat Ladies ring...)


Happy birthday Indy! She and the pictures are too freaking cute!


What adorable photos of her with the cupcake! Those are awesome.


Great photos!
Happy Birthday, Indy!!


so sweet! Happy birthday Indy!


happy birthday Indy!!! a cat and a cupcake. you can't go wrong with this post. :-)


My Noodle is 10 years old too and still a wild boy. I think the term senior for cats 7 and over is misleading since 10 kinda seems like middle-age for cats, doesn't it? Happy Birthday Indy

Amy K.

I'm moving to the San Jose area at the end of August. I'm not looking forward to the plane ride with my 14 year old Siamese who is very "talkative" at the best of times.


i love that kitty photo! my kitty loves to eat popcorn, so whenever we have it at home, she dives right in, snatches a couple of kernels and she is good to go. Silly feline!

jenny r

My mom would make cakes for our dogs' birthdays. I have the portraits to prove it. She didn't give a second thought to chocolate. And they lived to be almost 20 (in people years!).

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