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HA! My husband does the same thing with music, and it drives me crazy. But the zippered pouches? THAT's an OCD obsession I could get on board with . . .


Hmm, I just purchased assorted zippered pouches on etsy last week. Must be something in the air. Hey, are y'all moving to the Twin Cities still?


your fabrics are awesome. where do you get them?


Oh man, I do the exact same thing with new albums. I know it's the only way I can truly determine if I like the artist. If anyone rode with me in the car every day, they'd go mad.

The pouches look great. I use my little credit card pouch every single day now.


I do the same thing with music, I've actually worn out a few of my cd's. It's sad really.

I may not make a million pouches, but it sure seems like I buy that many sometimes!!


oh my god I am IN LOVE with that red fabric... serious LOVE. where in the world do you find such neato fabrics??
oh and I do the exact same thing with music. being a dancer is my excuse :)


I love the pouches - totally cute. They make me want to get out the sewing machine immediately... I often do the same with music, especially in my car. Currently it's Andrew Bird's new album. My husband left Beck's Guero in his car for two months last year, playing it over and over and over. And he still loves it...


Who can blame you really, they are so cute. I do the same with my music too. I love the bird pouch it's so pretty.


Mmm,cute pouches. And I have a tendency to get stuck on albums too, even the old ones. There was an Elvis Costello album that didn't leave my car player for the better part of a year.


Etsy etsy etsy etsy. :)


Great little pouches!


I think it must be contagious because I have become addicted to your zipper wristlets! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. And hey, if you want to thank me for anything, any one of those pouches would be fine:)


I want one for my GPS cause I can't leave it in the car!


those are so cute! the fabrics are beautiful - are these in your etsy shop? nothing wrong with it - you can never have too many zipper pouches!


OOOO, I love the brown and orange mod one!!



The pouches are so cute!
Love the fabric.


I'm teetering on pouch madness. Right now, I'm deep in the throes of baby dress madness. I just cut out fabric for three more the other night. But the leftover bits of fabric are just right for pouchy goodness!

And I also do that with CDs, and sometimes even songs. I often just play one song over and over until I can't even hear it any more. It's a lot easier with CDs. It was a total hassle with tapes. Remember tapes? heh. My satellite radio lets me keep songs for something like 45 minutes, so last week I listened to Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" for 45 minutes.


I do the same thing with my CDs. Meanwhile, one of those pouches probably would have made an awesome coin purse for my trip to Germany. I always forget how much you need another coin purse in other countries until I'm actually there - although this time, I'm smart! I'm bringing one with me! Look out Euros, here I come!

stacey barbetta

is that a silver spakle one ???????????????????????
do you have a green sparkle one????????????????????
do you have sprkle wrist bands?????????????????????
i'm obsessed with sparkles
let me know .thanks


This is why we have satellite radio, so that we listen to more than one song and so Bubba doesn't have to *pull this car over* and beat my ass for listening to the same Cake album 4x before even noticing its gone around more than once. Did I just say *around*? What is this 1970? Apparently I have a record player in my car.

Love the bags. Your etsy shop will be packed! The bird one is the best. There, I said it.

pamela wynne

Such cute pouches! Thanks to your zipper how-to wisdom, I've been cranking these out like mad, too. :)

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