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hey, it's not showing up on my dvr. DIY has an episode at 12:30 but nothing is showing up on HGTV. what up with that?


I just double checked our DVR and HGTV has it listed in the guide as "Thread."


I feel your pain. I have a wedding in San Antone this weekend, one in San Diego, CA on 7/1 and another in Ft. Lauderdale on 8/10. I have managed to avoid attending weddings since...oh...around 1993. How did I get roped into three in one summer? Hope you enjoy your travels!

s t a c i

I think I missed the show, too! I'm recording the episode on DIY today, just in case. :(



Really enjoyed seeing you on "Uncommon Threads". You did a great job! (and remembered not to 'high five'! Now I can put a 'face to your blog'. Ingenious way to use old books. Thanks!

jenny r

So what did you think Caro? I think you've definitely shown a good deal of crafting versatility, not to mention skill with sharp and pointy objects (and I totally WANT that double-needle contraption!).


Wow! That certainly sounds like a whirlwind wedding tour! At least you are travelling to some cool places!
Loved your craft bucket from Uncommon Threads! I have made 3 already!


Thankyou for the great needle case - my gorgeous boyfriend just bought me one for my birhtday and it arrived today - can't wait to use it over the weekend at all my knitting groups

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