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Vegas! I can't wait to hear about your exploits.


Oh my - that's going to be gorgeous. I hadn't seen that pattern before - thanks for the link. Have fun in Vegas - my favorite experience there was the New York casino, with its faux Greenwich Village.


Can't wait to check out your seasilk.
And have a blast in Vegas!


GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more of this beautiful wrap - I love the beads, they add just that "umpf"...looks like it would be good to wear in Vegas too!:)


Mmm, Hanami. I just started one, too - with Zephyr and iridescent beads. The beaded cast-on is a thing of beauty. So lovely in black!


That stole is going to be ASTOUNDING. My town, like DC, has a... healthy amoount of cherry blossom trees, and I might have to make that some day.


hey caro! just making sure you got my email - i'm in town now and would love to meet up!


"Are those beads? Is that Sea Silk? Could it be I have forsaken the sock and cast on for Hanami?

Oh hells yeah."

That alone made me giggle. It's so good to laugh and not feel pain anymore.. Thank you for that. You've got some pretty beads there! Do I dare to incorporate beads into a project? I should stop being so chicken and just go for it.

As for the house, no I don't think repairs are ever done on an old house. My aunt bought one and was so overwhelmed with it she had to give it up.


*drool* Oh, it's going to be YUMMY.




wow, the yarn looks wonderful - so shimmering... and the beads... ^.^
this will turn out beautifully, can't wait to see it finished!

I want to make that! I want to so badly!! It's such a beautiful pattern, and that yarn. What is it with you and the most delicious stuff lately?! :D

Have fun in Vegas.


That was me...duh!


Love the beads!
Have fun in LV ;)

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