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Gorgeous! I have that pattern in my queue, but I gotta finish four-or-so other pair first (oh, the second-sock-syndrome . . .)

And 89F is "perfect"? ACK! I think that's way too hot for outside sitting -- 75F is sooo much more pleasant (not that I'll see that until Fall here in Dallas).


Also, I forgot to tell you that I love your coffee cup!

pamela wynne

looking good -- this is such a beautiful pattern! And I also love your coffee cup. :)


Wow. I was also outside this morning with a light breeze blowing through.. Was working on HAT(don't ask). It still isn't all that hot except for being in direct sunlight; thankfully there were benches with shade in the park. the little people had a ball. I wish I'd grabbed my cam before leaving thehouse..


Pretty - sort of coffee-colored, actually. Wow, 89F is perfect? Minnesotans are starting to look a little melted around the edges at that temp!


what a wonderful way to start a day!


Hi--I am trying to make the embossed leaves pattern from the favorite socks. I am not certain I have the cast on right and can't find any help online. Did you have any problems or have any pointers on the cast on?


Yeah for backyard knitting, my fav! The socks look lovely, please do tell what yarn (and color!!) is that??


What a beautiful way to spend your morning. I - for one - am jealous!


glad you got past that cuff but man this 89 BS is way too hot already!

Nadia Lewis

Oh, I love those socks! I definitely agree with the commenters who say that 32 is frickin' hot!


You make the most amazing looking socks, but I have to ask, in that heat, who is wearing all of these? Does Hubby really wear socks ALL the time? Incred - love it.

Spiffy Knits!

Lovely sock! I need that book, but a cup of hot coffee and 89 degrees in the AM?! That is just nasty. THe native New Englander can't take anything over 85! My DH and I are planning on moving *further* north ASAP. I think I would spontaneously combust in Texas!


Yikes, I'm definitely in full sweat-and-complain mode at 89 degrees. What yarn are you using? It's gorgeous!


I love the Embossed Leaves Pattern - I have made one and a half pair...my second sock just isn't getting on the needles. It is a catchy little lace pattern though and I love the twisted rib cuff! Good luck with your s :)econd-sock-itis.


Yay for you! I feel the same way about only one pair at a time. Lately the only way I finish anything is to only have one project at a time. It's amazing how quickly it seems we knit when only working on one thing at a time. LOVE the mug! 89 degrees is pretty nice for SITTING outside - don't try to move, you'll melt!


The socks look stunning in that pattern, dear. Absolutely love them :)


I can't even begin to try to make socks, but yours look lovely.
I am absolutely in love with your coffee cup.


That pattern is so pretty in that colorway. I hate to ask how hot it was about 2 in the afternoon.


It warms my heart to hear you say that an 89F degree backyard is perfect. You're acclimating whether you like it or not. And I do love those socks.


We get 89°F weather here in Finland in the middle of the summer, if ever. It's really, really hot for me. The sock looks lovely!

Suzanne V.

See--that's why I don't live in Texas. At 89 degrees, I am nothing but a puddle of misery huddles over the nearest air conditioner, moaning about ice cubes and margaritas. (By the way, do you know the source of the quote, "If I owned both hell and Texas, I'd live in hell and rent out Texas"?)


Wow, that sounds like a really nice way to spend the morning! And that coffee cup is really cute! Where'd you find it?
The sock looks fantastic too. I hear you about second sock syndrome. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to finish the ones I'm working on now..hehe!


I avoid the 2nd sock syndrome by knitting the first sock up to the heel flap, place it on sticth holder and start on the 2nd sock all the way through to the end and then finish the first one. lol

I love that pattern and in that colorway it looks even prettier...wow! I really like that.

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