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Ooooh. Gorgeous!


Absolutely stunning. I though about it a lot at the Maryland Sheep and Wool...and might have gotten some luxurious yarn because of it.
Just gorgeous.


It is absolutely gorgeous - and I love your nupp revision - bet it's a lot easier to knit.


it's stunning!! i had made a swallowtail for my boyfriend's mother (one day I hope to call her my MIL) it does gather so many wonderful Points!! Sorry about the yarn, that stinks! I'm itching to try the seasilk as well, though...


Hi Caro!
Beautiful shawl! Definitely think it will keep you in the good daughter in law category :)


It's gorgeous Caro! I'm sure you'll get lots of points for this one!


I'm considering doing this as a wedding shawl for a friend, but I want something a little bigger. Did yours turn out the size of the one in IK? I'm thinking, a little thicker yarn, a little bigger needles, but I'm not sure how that would work out.


gorgeous. and thanks for the review of the tilli tomas yarn. i'll steer clear.


*love* I want to hug it!


Absolutely beautiful!
I love the color...and thanks for the tilli tomas warning. It still looks like yummy yarn, though.


Gosh, it is beautiful! The sheen makes it look so luxurious. Too bad about all those knots. After you spend that money on it, you'd think they'd give you some really quality stuff.


Lovely. The color and drape are beautiful. I'm planning to make this one eventually, and seeing your fantastic photos makes me think that some silk I have in my stash will be perfect for it.


Caro...that is stunning!!!

It's got that pearly sheen to it...so beautiful! Does that make up for the knots? A little I bet!


It turned out lovely, I absolutely adore the color. You're a speed demon with that shiny yarn!


Quite beautiful.

You knit that in 8 friggin days? holy cow! did you sleep at all?


Your Swallowtail. She is loverly.
And great pix, ta' boot.


Lovely shawl - the color is PERFECTION. Mine will be for my sister, and it's taking me more like 38 days than 8!

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