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Miss T

Beautiful! This shawl is on my list of things to make, but I haven't decided on a yarn yet.


that is beautiful - the name of the color is great - describes it perfectly! Too bad about the knots though - that is frustrating!


Did you contact TT about the knots? In my experience they are super nice to deal with and I bet she would replace the yarn. What I don't know: whether or not they have their yarn spun specifically for them or if they have a main supplier (and if that supplier is the same supplier for Handmaiden). Something to consider. And I always think letting folks know about jankiness in their product is always a good thing. I would want to know, wouldn't you?

pamela wynne

that's gorgeous! one of the prettiest I've seen -- it's so silvery and luxe!


Spectacular! Good DIL indeed!


That's a bummer about the yarn - and thanks for sharing your knotty experiences ... but the end result is gorgeous!

Sea Anemone

ooooh, I love it!!! Its absolutely stunning! What a wonderful job.


It's gorgeous.

And speaking of Handmaiden, do you have a special in, being a Canuck and all? Because, damn- that stuff is hard to find!




It really does talk, and it is saying "look at me in all of my beauty"
Absolutely perfect!


Yup, it's a beaut!


Caro, that shawl is RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous. Sigh...

The knots in the yarn would have made me bonkers.


So beautiful. And photographs so well, too. Your MIL will treasure it!


Wow it's beautiful!! I can't believe you knit it in such a short time too! Good for you :)

Nadia Lewis

Wow! That's amazing!


So, so beautiful!


so gorgeous! the color is beautiful. this would look really great on me! ;)


Triple-decker Wow.


Wow. With some WOW on the side. That is a gorgeous shall. I tried to pick up my knitting needles last night after being *off* for so long that I could hardly get through a few rows of a leaf pattern without Fing it all up. However, I'd try my hand at it again for something like this. YOWZA!


What a stunner!


You're right, it is a stunner! Lucky MIL.


it's beautiful. you better get some brownie points with the MIL -- i've only knit my MIL sachets and washcloths. ha!


Eight days?! It only took you eight days to do that? I'm in shock. I've spent the whole morning trying to find a pattern for a wedding shawl for a friend that I can finish in nine months! Eight days?! And it's gorgeous!


I love this shawl - the color is so understated and the drape looks amazing. I made one with some yarntini in a funky fun color - the nupps about drove me to drink but the outcome was so worth it!


That is simply lovely!!!!! Great color.

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