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WooHoo! It's gorgeous! Now I want one - but first - the kitchen so...

jennifer w.

Yikes! So -- you'll probably never look at a Glaceau bottle the same way again, huh? But the result was well worth it - this is one fine looking bano!

P.S. I received my lovely circular needle holder (+ extra) today! Thank you sooo much! It houses my...er...two...sets of circular needles quite nicely. Room to grow... :)


wow! that bathroom looks fabulous! pee in good health!

pamela wynne

Gorgeous new bathroom!! Definitely worth all the trouble.


It looks beautiful. Congrats on getting it all done!


Absolutely fabulous! Love the modern look and all the green. :D
All your hard work paid off. Definitely worth all the trouble. Beautiful job.


The tub spigot, in particular, is delicious! The whole room looks wonderful.

My mother calls those baths "whore's (pronounced hoors) washes".


Gorgeous colors in there! Awesome looking bathroom! I know you are so happy to have a working one again!


I just saw the 'before' pictures...it was definitely time for a remodel! awesome job!


Totally worth it! The tiles AND the curved shower curtain rod!


Great job! It's gorgeous. I'm totally jealous!


It looks GREAT!


I adore that tile. So fresh!


Awesome, I love the new look! You're a super trooper for going toilet-less for so long. Damn!

Suzanne V.

Wow! Beautiful! Congratulations! Although, I suppose nothing I could say would mean as much as having a working toilet.


It's gorgeous! I adore that tile. (That would be uber-cool fabric!)
Happy bathing on a regular basis! (They don't make that card at hallmark, I betcha...)


What a transformation!! It is beautiful!! Poor you on the washing and peeing, but def worth the wait :D

s t a c i

You must be so pleased! It looks great! Are you going to whip up something fancy on the sewing machine to dress that little window?


I like the toilet paper triangle fold. Nice touch!


Holy shit! That looks fantastic! I *love* the bathroom, LOVE IT.


Wow, sounds like you guys put up with a lot of hassle for the last few weeks! But the results are fantastic! The tile is so great!


Are you sure you don't need a roomie? I am so crazy in love with teeny tile, although being the crow that I am, I would have tried to do something iridescent. :P

You have such great taste- I think you need to go into some sort of interior decoration, but with a cooler name- for interior decorating, not your proper name.


Well, the agony was worth it - your new bathroom is gorgeous! congrats on a successful remodel.


It looks wonderful - what a difference!


That's a goregous bathroom!! I love the whole "Two Weeks!" it's very Money Pit! Lovely Job!!

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