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gah, all these shots make me want to go back even after the trip i had. i love it there.

can't wait to see the reaction you get on the shawl, it's flipping perfectly gorgeous. i've been sitting here thinking about it and how i want to make it now.


Oh, you make me miss Boston. I've only been back once since I graduated from college 16 years ago. This time of year, I'd have been rowing on the Charles River and studying for finals. Boy, that was a long time ago.


Glad you had a good time in Boston!!


looks like you were here for our rainy week - of course now it's sunny and 70....can't wait to see pics of the shawl - it looks fantastic from the little snippet.


Nice brass ducks you got there.


OMG! The shot of that tree over the lake?! The colors are absolutely incredible and inspiring and I love that picture and want it to be my new desktop. That tree, unreal!


It sounds like a great trip! I love those "Make Way for Ducklings" statues.


Yay! Glad you had fun while you were here. :)

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