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miss ewe

They *are* perfect on him! I'm sure FIL will understand... I love it when men finally understand how great knitting is! (even just for a second)


They look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your husband has Edward Gorey tattoos. That's... that's just hot. ;)


Great socks... great tattoos. FIL will understand..it is his son after all :)


Nice socks! I've always gotten all warm and squishy inside when DH takes to something I'm knitting.

Sea Anemone

I love the socks. The color knit up so nicely.

But I love the tattoos more. I made a *squee* noise when I saw them. I adore Gorey. Adore.


Aw, that's very sweet! Is your hubby a cyclist? That's a favorite place for cyclists to get tattoos.


There's a "Doubtful Guest" movie in the works: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070405/film_nm/gorey_dc


me loves the doubtful guest so much. what a fantastic tattoo.

those socks came out so great. i agree about the squooshiness. makes me want to get some socks that rock, muchly.


Excellent! Perfect! I'm always very excited when husbands/boyfriends/et cetera are happy with the handknits. Mine likes to hint that he'd like something, but he's way too picky for me to even entertain the thought. He prolly wouldn't wear what I spent so much time on! So... congrats on making the Mr. so happy with his handknit socks. I like the colorway you chose, very manly.


Lucky you - I made a pair of socks for my husband, and he maybe wore them all of once. I'll have to be more sneaky about it next time, making something for someone else that he just has to fall for!


funny, a male friend of mine was over and reading over my shoulder. now he wants ME to make a pair for him. the conversation went like this:
*wow those are awesome! way complicated!
a*not at all, i could totaly do that. (my undoing.)
a*yeah... c'mon, two cables, that's nothing!
*can... iiiiii have a pair?


Fabulous socks! I love the colorway. Very manly.


awwww - it is awfully hard to turn down a sock request from a hubby....mine always longingly looks at the pair I'm knitting and asks when i'm making a pair for him! Those are great - did you knit them as the book presented them (with the goofy cable)? I think I may see a hint of what you mean in one of the pictures (where it looks like the cable is just starting after the gusset)


I love those socks! I just might have to knit some for my hubby.

s t a c i

Did you title this post as a tounge-twister? Try saying "sixth socks" ten times, fast.

The socks are great and your photos are outstanding. I can actually feel the smooshiness of the STR on my feet as I look at them.


HA! As soon as Bubba said he wanted a new ski hat it was all I could do not to run full bore to the yarn shop to pick out the perfectest yarn and pattern.

Nicely done Best Wife.


I love those socks!

What a great wife :)


Glad to hear that hubby is discovering the joys of handknit socks. They look great, I'll have to try that pattern!


Love the socks! The only thing my husband has asked me to knit was a cover for his Sirius radio in camoflage - hey, we gotta start somewhere!!


Edward Gorey tattoos may very well be just what it takes to lead me astray from my own spouse, but I am guessing with a wife that makes him wonderful handknit socks Mr. Splityarn is quite content where he is 8-)


They are fab perfect socks. How I wish Tom would ask for a pair. He has 2 pair I knit him almost 14 years ago. I'm sure the FIL won't mind. Especially given the calendar. Of course, the weather is no indication of the season. Very nice manly socks.


Awesome socks. Lucky man.

Plum Texan

I'm cracking up because I didn't have to look far to see if Sea Anemone caught the Gorey tattoos. I too think they're awesome (as are the socks!)...

"And we all say: OH!
Well I never!
Was there ever
A Cat so clever
As Magical Mr. Mistoffelees!"


Love the socks!! I wanted to stop by and tell you Happy Easter!!

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