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Yes, the light, it's coming closer! You're office looks fab!


ooooh - love the tile!


Kinda sucks that it's all going to be so spiffy and then you have to leave it - The tile is awesome!


OMG! I am so envious of your office! I am contemplating a re-do of our "office" room, but since we're renting, it will only be a rearrange and get organized thing. I think I'll have to take before and after pictures. Your desk is so clean!


Holy Crap, your office looks fantastic! It'll be great when you can bathe and work in your own house.



sequin K

Love the tile! We're in the middle of our bathroom tile install too. And can't WAIT to tackle my office once we're back in the house. Maybe (if I can pull it together) will get some pics up as well!


Oh, it looks so great! I love the tile!
Are you taking notes for the new house too? :)


That tile is fantastic! For a minute there, I thought there might be some buttcrack action going on in the picture on the left. But on closer inspection, no. You are way to classy a gal for that, I'm sure!!!

Bea Apple

That is beautiful tile in your bathroom and your office is awesome! I'm jealous. And tradesmen that actually show up? on time? Wow, we are remodeling our house now and have had some issues with that, sigh.. Only a few more weeks.


Love the teeny tiny tile!

And I just read that you're going to have stuff on sale here in Denver! So it's like you'll be here, even though you're not.


I'm in love with your office :)

But I'm a bit confused, are you renovating the house in Texas, that you're leaving??


Wow! Your office looks like a fabulous place to work in!


Looking good! And I Love your office!!


And it's NOT the oncoming train! Looking good!


Love the tiles, and the office is magnificent!


Your office area is gorgeous!!


You are really inspiring me to clean up my crafts room/office. Your office looks fabulous.

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