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Is it big enough to wear like a scarf, like Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style? This is going to make a stunning gift no matter how it's worn.


I don't know what climate your Mom lives in, but it's the sort of thing that my Mom would wear over a wool coat, just sort of draped for looks under the lapel and sticking out. (Wow that is hard to describe, I hope you know what I mean.)

And really, Moms always love handmade stuff by their kids -- especially their grownup kids who make gorgeous handmade stuff. :) (Though there is something to be said for pie plate turkeys, too.)


It's really pretty Caro. I'm sure she'll love it just as it is. The colorway is amazing!


I love the Shetland Triangle. I've made a few of them and plan to make more. Yours is gorgeous. I love the color of that Brooks Farm Yarn. I don't remember seeing that lace weight of theirs before. I hope things work out with the size.


Love the color and I think a small one to wear at the neck is devine. Really pretty. I love BFY so much.


Carolyn I love this! when can I have it?


That is just beautiful. And it is really nice to see how Primero knits up as a shawl. I have two colors of it in my stash, and I was wondering what it would look like in lace and what size needles to try with it. You saved me a lot of swatching!


absolutely freakin gorgeous!! Sorry I missed your last trip to MA. :(

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