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Less cat?! Waaaaaaaaaah!! ;)

s t a c i

Such a pretty photo! I love the colors and the balance of the objects.


Would that toast sticker be drooling over its own tastiness or is it thinking "Try the croissant, does it not look delicious? Mmmyum, much more delicious than me!"


Scatch and sniff? That takes me back.


Nadia Lewis

Very nice! Makes me want to finish the half made top I have on the desk.


That's a freakin' scratch-n-sniff sticker, isn't it?! Awesome.

I love the spools in the background, too.


Okay, I'm a little scared just looking at that. My mom recently gave me her grandmother's sewing machine (from the 1930s), which looks like something off a military base, and even that is too complicated for me. I'm sure I'd manage to sew my hand to my face with yours.


Great shot!

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