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miss ewe

Wow, that's a lot going on! At least once you are through it, you will be through ALL of it!

I hate drywall dust, though -- I feel for you!


oh my gosh! i feel for you, lady. let me know if there is anything i can do for you, at all. it's so hard to stay sane when things are like that.

it will all be worth it in the end. new transmission, new bathroom, etc...


Hang in there!! At least there is progress happening.


Deep breaths, Caro - I can totally feel your pain! I remember being in the holiday baking mood when our kitchen was in disarray (remodel, ew) and it made me nuts! The only thing that kept me sane was telling myself that if I couldn't do any work, then that meant I had time to do something else- like read a book, go to a movie, eat out (again), etc.

Deep breaths...


Phew - that's a lot of In Progress all at once...I think this situation calls for liberal applications of booze.


gah girl! this would definitely drive me crazy.


It may be all dusty and crazy now, but think about what a great bathroom you'll have when it's done!!!!

s t a c i

You're going to feel so good when you're able to move some of that list from the "in progress" column to the "finished" column!


The hardest part of a remodel is the mess everywhere else. You can come over here and spring clean my house if you'd like. :)


Hey man, I see drywall in that bathroom - that's somethin'. I can't wait to do mine.


Sounds like the perfect time to take yourself out for a cup of tea and some knitting time away from home!
Hope the move is going as peacefully as possible!


At least it's sunny. And you have a lovely project on the needles. Hang in there! Wish you were here in Minneapolis today to represent with the Harlot...


Those pictures really tell a story. I can't imagine all that going on at once! I can't imagine going without a bathroom for a weekend, let alone whatever it takes for a remodel. Hang in there girlfriend, it will be worth it!

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