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oh no that's too bad that it's going to the frog pond. :( what kind of yarn did you use? I really like it!


Alas - but at least the Fourplay is so yummy to knit it won't be a hardship, right??

Bea Apple

Well, it's a beautiful sweater and will be totally worth it when it's done!


Argh!! That is so frustrating. Thank you sooo much for the advance advice so I don't have the same issue. maybe. ;)


Oh no! I'm assuming/hoping you are a faster knitter than I, so this is not the morale-crushing experience it would be for me. :)

At least you have a pretty color to work with as you re-do.


Negative ease! I wish more pattern taked about fit and whether they should be sized for negative ease. I love Wicked, I do hope you knit it again because I so want to see modeled shots!


love that yarn so much!!!


ahh! i am knitting up a sweater now that i'm worried is going to be too big and thus will have to be ripped (at pretty much the 95% completion mark)... the things we have to do for the knits we love! that looks fabulous and am glad you're sticking to it!! What a great color and yarn!


It's gorgeous, even if you have to frog it. Wicked is on my "to knit" list so any insight other knitters have is great.


I want to make a wicked....so thanks for the wicked advice!

s t a c i

That is exactly what happened to me! My gauge was spot on, but Wicked was huge. My concern was that the neckline wouldn't stretch out the way it should without a nice fit under the arms...so I ripped back and tried on a few times, pinning the underarms together each time to try it on. After ripping back like four inches (FOUR!!), I had the right size. It probably ended up being 2 or 3 sizes smaller!

I'm sorry you're suffering the same fate...but at least you know it's going to be beautiful when it's done! It looks really great now!

Bad Hippie

Best Chris Isaak song ever! Absolutely. And that yarn color is gorgeous. I still need to knit me a green gable sweater; maybe I'll take wicked on after that.


That stinks. But, there are two silver linings. The first is that you get to size it DOWN, so reknitting won't take as long (and you know you have enough yarn!). And also, it's Four Play. AKA heaven.


So pretty! Love the colour.


Well, shucks. That's sad, but at least you realize this now and are taking the initative to rip and reknit it before you fully resent it. Well, it's gorgeous yarn (Fourplay -- yum!) and it looks great, so Hurrah!


I will second the previous commenter - negative ease seems to be the clue. What a beautiful top, pattern and yarn!


that's too bad you have to rip (again!) but to end up with something that fits great is well worth it!

Rachel H (the other one)

Oh, so sorry that you have to frog it. I too love the yarn and the colour. Can't wait to see the new size!

Lady S

I am so jealous of this sweater - and you actually! I love the color and the pattern. It makes me think of the lovely, but misunderstood, Elphaba of the novel Wicked. Someday, maybe I will have one too. I can't wait to see it on you!


Don't frog it before this weekend (if you haven't already) - I want to see how big it is so I can decide if I should knit one.

I love that yarn. I really must finish my Cambridge jacket by this weekend. Two sleeves left and putting it together! (I'm afraid of the zipper. I may have to beg for help.)


It's funny - everything I've heard about this sweater pattern are it's "challenges," which is a shame for such a cute make-up. the yarn is FAB though and hey - congrats on the namemaker stuff. They are local to me and very nice when I've talked with them, but now I like them even more!


I haven't seen this pattern until now, but I just love this. I am going to have to make one for me! Thank you Caro. Always a source of inspiration.


Dang, that stinks. I've got Wicked on my list and it's good to know that I need to be thinking about a smaller size when I start knitting.

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I saw your stitch markers on the review page of the brand new Knitty! Congratulations!

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