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ohhh love the new tile!

what are you going to do about the shower? i keep thinking about how that's going to be such a pain but absolutely worth it in the end.

Jeanne B.

Oooh, is that glass tile I see for the new loo? Pretty! As for wallpapering over tile, I agree they should be slapped. Or shot. It's amazing how stupid some people can get when they attempt home remodeling. Thus, every time I do any remodeling myself, I'm overly critical of it and wonder, "will the next person who lives here look at this, shake their head and think I should be shot?" LOL! Three weeks passes quickly. I can't wait to see the result.


How exciting!!!! I love glass tile! I vow to use it in one of my bathrooms eventually.


Can't wait to see the finished product! That new tile is delicious!

Nadia Lewis

Those are really pretty tiles!


Oooh - LOVE the new tile! Can't wait to see the "after." That totally stinks that people wallpapered over tile. But you just never know what you're going to get.... in our tiny bathroom, they *tiled* over tile. Seriously. Our bathroom will be 3" deeper on all sides if we ever decide to rip it all out!


Caro, you deserve a new bathroom after putting up with all that! Looking forward to the after photo shoot. Don't get too stressed out, it'll be worth it in the end!


Love the new tile! It's gonna be great when it's all done.


But wait, don't you have to move after you do all this cool stuff to it?!?


Okay, now wait a second. I thought you were moving? Maybe you are doing this to the new house in MN? I'm all turned around. And late to your birthday party. Happy birthday Caro!!
(That new tile is so pretty!)


I love the new tile. Too bad you can't find the people who did this and make them suffer for doing what they did to the bathroom. I can't wait to see the after photos.


I hope you belong to a nice gym so you can shower. Or have really nice neighbors. I live in the Twin Cities, so if you need a yarn shop guide, or would like to join some of us to knit, drop me a line. It's a good place to knit (and buy yarn!)


Wallpaper over tile is truly insane. I can't wait to see the finished product - that new tile is going to look awesome!


Oh that's bad! Here's to a new loo!


Oh boy, I love reading about your remodels. We are about due for a new one too. Now to decide on which one...there are sooo many to pick from.


Oh the new tile is so pretty! I love it!


Holy cow! That's some nasty stuff you guys have been living with. Makes an outdoor privy seem a reasonable accomodation. I heart diy! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Besides, maybe you'll love it so much, you'll decide to stay, eh? How is the husband liking the job?


Happy belated! For some reason your blog disappeared from my bloglines! Grrr. I've missed several posts.
Wallpaper over tiles?! I don't get it.


holy man! we just moved into a house where one of the bedroosm was painted that yellow on the bottom of the wall, and cobalt blue on the top....separated by a lovely white chair rail. It was so hard on the eyes, I was thinking of suing....*shudder*....

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