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Loe the pics! My favorite two--the top 2! Intrepid little kitty going under the boards and the other one sticking out his little tongue. Enjoy the camera.


Love the cat photos, but my fave is the blue buddha pic. Frame it!


Those are beautiful pictures. I love the one of the cat on the bed.


Oooooh, camera envy (and I just got a new one a week ago!). The pictures are beautiful!


Congrats on the camera - your photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!


This is the camera I'm buying as soon as I get my tax refund. I'm so happy to see more gorgeous pictures.


Camera bag? Who needs a stinkin' camera bag??? (I've carried mine around in a regular bag for 2 years now.) Knitting makes a nice soft cushion, and a camera bag just screams "steal me" - get OUT there and start shooting with that baby!


Gorgeous photographs, and gorgeous cats!


Damn, I'm sooo jealous!


Great pictures! Great camera. I bought the model down from the XTi in December. I love it! I love that grassy/tongue picture.

Lady S

I love the ones of the orange kitty sneaking under the boards and in the bathtub, but my favorite is the blue one with the Budda.

Our camera is starting to go bad, I think I am going to look at this one. Of course, I have knitting needles and yarn, but I don't knit like you, so who knows.


DROOL. That is my dream camera. You lucky dog.


Hello! Just came across your blog...your pictures are wonderful! Your gingery cat looks like our Charlie! DH & I have been fixing up our old house, which we bought 2 yrs ago...and we thought we had it bad, oh no--LOL! Wishing you much luck with the home improvements! Happy Days! :o)

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