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New toy! How exciting. I love the picture of the cat on the bed.

miss ewe

Lucky you!!! Those are unbelievably good cat pics! Love the first two, especially!

Jeanne B.

You have a real eye for photographic composition and lighting. Is that by chance, or have you studied photography? I especially love the photos of your orange cat, #1 disappearing under the hole in the wall and #2 on the bed (the lighting is fantastic). The buddha by the door, you could sell that to stock photography places! Congratulations on your new "toy".


Very, very nice Caro! I'm saving for an upgrade myself!


I love the photo of Indy going under the broken boards. Generally when Mimi is outdoors that this all you see of her, provided she wants you to see her, is her rear end. And what is it with cats and bathtubs? Bico looks like he is licking his nose in the one shot. I love kitty photos.


My gosh, I have spent the weekend pricing them out and then - voila - here are some samples! Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing some of your feline inspiration. I need this camera:)


That picture of him licking his nose is great! I would like a new camera as well, but there are more pressing matters to attend to. Enjoy your photo shoots!


Oh, that's the camera I've saved up for too! I have saved enough, but part of me doesn't think my photography skills warrant such and excellent camera . . .


Those pictures are fabulous!! Great camera... *jealous* :)


Wow--that cat in the grass shot is AMAZING! The clarity of the grass is incredible (I can almost feel it). I also love the blue wall. Just gorgeous.


I have a point and shoot (still!) but my hubby got me a tripod - what a difference! Those pictures are amazing - what fun!


your pictures are awesome. it's amazing how much fun a proper tool can be, isn't it. i got a nikon d80 at christmas and i'm really enjoying it.

s t a c i

Beautiful photos. Funny to think that your "eye" for a good shot has been there all along...you just needed the right camera to really bring out your talent!

Sea Anemone

Love the pictures the new camera is taking. Kitties are so adorable in the grass. Mine misses outside alot.


wow, makes me want to return my camera and save up some more for the XTi. those pics are so great - did you spend a lot of time focusing on the lighting or is that totally natural for you or the camera? the pics look so professional. great job!!!

Amy Mac

Congratulations!!! THOSE ARE AMAZING! I'm so psyched for you!

I thought you were just getting the XT? What made you go for the XTi?


Wow. See now you're giving me false hope that if I got a nicer camera I would somehow be endowed with more photography talent. I'll just have to admire yours.


Your new camera is pretty awesome! I'm smacking my lips at all those blades of grass, too.


I love the camera! And the kitties! I want both- send them to me now :)


The Kitties are too cute! You do well with the camera, I agree. Holding the battery in with tape and a rubber band? hehe I used to have to do the same thing!!


Great pictures! I have the same camera and I"m in luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv. It's great, isn't it? The convenience factor is huge too. You need to submit some of the kittys to CuteOverload. :-)


They're beautiful pictures, in fact, I'd like to use the Buddha cat door as a desktop - do you have a larger version you could share? Thanks for posting these!


Yay. Good for you! I bought a Canon Rebel XT 8.0 megapixel last year and I just love it! Have fun taking pictures!


I won't lie - cat pics don't usually do it for me. But, I'll say it - these are awesome. Seriously, incredible. And without even a hint of "crazy cat lady" in them. I love the one of the cat I assume is Indy squeezing under the house. I can't wait to see what else you capture!


fantastic Caro!
We are looking into a new camera, I can hardly wait...
These photos are fantabulous.. your eye for color is magical- whether you are working with the shutter or with fabric.

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