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Punkin in Oregon

That reminds me of the time when I had to replace the commode. The old one was pulled and then the plumber did not have time to set the new one (which was in a box in my livingroom)- a lesson in 'don't do business with the boss's husband'. At that same time both my children got the stomach flu. Then my ex stopped by and asked, with watery eyes, if he could use the bathroom and I tried to explain to him there was only a hole in the floor with a rag stuffed in it. Sorry, I seem to have gotten carried away reminiscing.


hey i have the exact same pee wee bobblehead.

hope they get everything all sorted out back up and running.


Oh no - you have to walk to a gas station to pee???


You are a much braver woman than me.....


i'm relieved to see that peewee survived


Pee Wee seems to always land on his feet, doesn't he? :)


Knowing I couldn't go would make me have to go all the more. Hopefully, you're not like me. :)

s t a c i

Oh man...there is nothing like knowing you can't pee to make you have to pee RIGHT NOW. I hope they hurry!

Now I gotta go.


*hops around with legs crossed in sympathy*

Angie Grimm

I hope you made it to the gas station :-)

Great post today - it made me laugh...


Perhaps this is how I'll finally get rid of the Carlos Beltram bobblehead Bubba insists on showcasing in our office. I'll redo the office! Kidding. That would be naughty. Maybe you should get the thumbs up from your neighbors to use their loo during the remodel?


Just make sure all of your tradespeople are potty-trained. Our carpenter recently pooped in a bag and left it on the deck for us to find. I guess he thought that was appropriate since we don't have a toilet yet. I, however, did not think it appropriate and I'm guessing most people would feel the same way...

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