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miss ewe

We all have a pile like that... good for you for sorting through! I especially like Mary's scarf! Those gloves are really cute, too -- too bad about the gauge stuff. Anyway, rip the bad and knit on with the good!


gah i love the purple barbie sweater. it's so leetle and presh just like the little ball of yarn still attached to the hooray for me gloves.

i love mary's scarf. can't wait to see it all finished up.

oh and i got so sunburned on my chest today. face is fine. the v on my chest is not so much.

can't wait to see wicked in all her glory. it was looking fab this morning.


Bummer about Mariah - a cool sweater, but I think this is the 2nd post I've read this week about it being sort of a WIP because of the neck.

Hmm, dancing around your burning Leaf Lace would probably be an excellent blog entry.


Those colors look amazing next to each other. I really like the look of that scarf, I hope you find your chart. I guess that's not something you can decipher just by reading your knitting?
I know I have projects stashed in several drawers, maybe I will get the courage to face my abandoned WIPs soon.


I am looking forward to your Wicked. I really want to start that sweater, but have a list of WIPs and UFOs a mile long!

s t a c i

In each description I can see why you lost motivation...but from one stashless person to another, I feel for you with each UFO. It's tough when you stop working on something, because there is always something prettier and more exciting to knit, isn't there?


good for you! frogging and getting rid of stuff you never wear or are never going to finish is so therapeutic!!!!


poor mariah! I can't wait to see Wicked. I had some pocket issues so I'm not quite done yet


I think we all have things like this, projects we started and just cant seem to finish because a)we are disappointed in the way it looks, b)we are disappointed in the way it knits and c)it just takes too long!! Its a motivated knitter to get past all those things and finish what we started. Especially when there are so many new things to CO for. I know I am not that motivated!!!!!!!(I have to go CO something new now)


I need to do this at my place. I have stuff sitting in my wip drawers that were put aside for paying projects. I just never picked them up again. That's bad huh? Bad me. I shall be mirroring your example shortly.

jenny r

Barbie isn't good enough for that sweater! It is too cool!


If you do find the pattern for "Mary's Scarf" I'd really love to see it. This is something like what I'd like to make my mother. I found a similar pattern in Scarf Style, but never gave it a shot.


(super late comment) I have the SAME problem with my Mariah...UGH, that neckline is so off! And yes, that hood took forever to knit, so the prospect of ripping and re-knitting makes me cringe :( But it just doesn't wear right, at all. I think I'll start the hood without casting off any stitches. *sigh*

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