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miss ewe

Beautiful!!! Congratulations! It really is the perfect mid-winter scarf.


I love Backyard Leaves, heck I have knit it three times! Yours is really lovely, the color is amazing and I can just imagine how nice the silk feels. Isn't it a fun knit?


that would have been a great picture! backyard leaves with pj's! this one has been on my to knit list probably that long also. i just have to get off my butt and find some yarn for it. maybe some brooks farm at this year's MD festival....


Lurve... Lurve, lurve, lurve!!!


gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it in person!


Absolutely gorgeous! I love that pattern, I knit one as a gift and really enjoyed knitting it. Your yarn choice is lovely, and it looks so cozy and soft. :)


I LOVE your version of this!! What a fantastic green and the drape is gorgeous.


What a beautiful scarf! I think I've got some leftover Tess Designer yarn that would work perfectly for that scarf. I love it in the slightly variegated green.


oh, that turned out so gorgeous!!


i can't wait to make this scarf. i bought scarf style months ago specifically for this pattern. yours turned out mahhvelous!


I shall (again) follow in your scarf-ly footsteps one of these days - that pattern has been on my to-do list for some time. I also want to get the hang of Annie's signature edging that everyone keeps talking about. I don't have anything suitable in the stash, however, so it will have to wait a little longer. Yours is just gorgeous!


That's been on my list for a long time, too. Yours is gorgeous! And wow - 108"!!!


Nice leaves. Welcome back. How'd the house hunting go?


Ah, lovely. That's on my to-knit list. :)


The scarf is gorgeous! I made it as well - love the interesting pattern. My seam actually looked kind of rough - but luckily it's in back:)


The scarf is beautiful, and what a great use of Brooks Farm! It'll be like taking a bit of TX with you to MN. (Although I'm sure that you'll have more than plenty of TX to move up north.)


It's like those two were meant to be: a perfect match of yarn and pattern. Absolutely gorgeous, girl!




Oh. Caro. That scarf is so beautiful! The yarn and color you chose were perfect for this pattern. If you ever get tired of it, you can send it to Seattle for a vacay.

Angie G.

The scarf is beautiful. I love the green tones. Fabulous!

I'm live about an hour from Mpls. And it is VERY cold today. Wish I were somewhere a lot warmer that is for sure!


It's gorgeous! And I love Brook Four Play - yum.


Hey, there celebrity! You used 1.5 skeins for a scarf?!!? No cardigan? You're making me feel a little hopeless here, but I love the scarf. The yarn looks insanely pretty!


Your scarf looks delicious. Yum. :)


Caro -- this truly is so pretty I want to stop what I am doing at this very moment and make one too. Bravo!!


Backyard Leaves has been on my knit list for about 6 montths, and I've been feeling quite guilty about that. But this post gives me some hope. Yours looks soo lovely!!

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