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Thanks for the reminder of that pattern! I might just make one with my leftover feltables, and Mooky might just love it. Of course, he might turn up his nose...


Guess you're packing it, eh?! I love that last picture - Pi Full o' Siamese.


It is not cats that are strange but the breed known as Siamese that are strange. Mimi has the kitty pi bed as well and will not touch it. She just got the kitty warmer bed that Lucy has and still is still not sure about it. I am thinking about sitting on it to warm it up and risking her teeth to pick her up and plop her on it. You never know with the breed known as Siamese.


Bicoe rules the pervy kitty pie!


Bicoe is such a perv! But she's also a pretty princess


I've been wanting to make a couple of kitty pi's since Christmas, just didn't know if I still had enough stash wool to make it. What yarn did you use? Single or doubled?


Your description of that cat bed as "pervy" almost made me pee in my pants. Thanks for the laugh!


Porn star sleeper? I'm definitely going to work that into my everyday conversation. I've been meaning to make a kitty pi, I think that floof of fur in yours is just the push I need!


Now I want to make one too, except I'll add even MORE fun fur to make it more vag-like. Because a vagina pussy pad is just too good.


I'd make a Kitty Pi except that I'm not sure I'd have enough stash yarn to make one big enough for Fat Rocket. Plus, I'm pretty sure she already thinks our bed is her very own pervy love nest.


I love the cat bed. So cute!


Do you think it is the scent of the other cat that draws her to it maybe? She looks like she loves it - enough to make me want to knit one for my crazy cat.


Cats! That's the truth. Our cats would probably love that too as long as we told them they were ours and not to sit in them... Pervy -- heehaw

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