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Good googly moogly I like that scarf! I didn't even notice it in the book because of the ultra busy striping but now I am going to make it for my stepdad. Me likey a lot. Great job, I am sure he will love it.


I love it!


I like it so much more one color! What a great idea. btw, saw you on Uncommon Threads and wished I had a sewing machine to make one of those.


Had a chuckle about the Sci Fi sweater! :) You've inspired me to drag out and dust off my copy of Scarf Style. I haven't looked through it in ages. I love seeing a project in a different light, like this scarf in one very manly color. I'm sure the mr. will love it!


Awesome scarf! I need to dig out that book and give the pattern another look.


I hope he loved the scarf - it's very distinguished! Wow, I feel exhausted just reading about all of the things you have going on right now. How did your husband like the weather this week?! BRRRRR.


Oh - I don't envy you. I'm just know recovering from last year's move. Love the scarf - I'm thinking I should perhaps go looking for a copy of that book....


That is a classy scarf, I love it! Total inspiration for me to make a man scarf with some wool I got in Portland.


Man that scarf turned out fabulous in one color - I would never knit a striped one so this is exciting, in fact, I didn't recognize it and I have the book. Have a good time with hubby in town.


Oh, that scarf looks wonderful! It's funny. I hate the one in the book but hadn't yet thought about it as mono-color. I'm glad I saw yours.


I absolutely love that scarf without the striping! Scarf Style is the best book, so many good projects in there.


what a great variation on that scarf! I'm sure he'll love it....I know how it is to live away from your hubby (mine worked halfway across the country for 3 months) and it stinks! But, hopefully it will be over soon and you will be together again!


The scarf is absolutely gorgeous! It's such a simple and elegant pattern, I'm going to have to pick up a copy of Scarf Style for myself. I'm sure the husband will love it :)

And I have a few SciFi sweaters of my own, well technically they're hooded sweatshirt pullovers, but they do look like they've seen the end of the world and some.


This scarf looks like a great pattern to do for my sons.


oooh - I love it as one color! Very elegant. I've been casting about for good boy-scarf patterns, and had dismissed the Campus Scarf as too stripey. Clearly I wasn't thinking outside the box. :)


Gorgeous scarf! And I think you must knit with lightning speed.


i've been looking for a scarf pattern for my dad. he lets me know he wanted a scarf for Christmas....after Christmas? yeah. Good thing I have Scarf Style! love it in one color. awesome.


Are you trying out for wonder-woman? I wish I felt motivated to do all of that stuff!


Such a handsome knit! very very nice!


sounds like all sorts of fun- good luck with the move and the transition. Always crazy, but change is good, right?
I don't know how youfind time to make stuff- this is an really nice scarf. Wish I could get my man to wear a scarf.

Bag Nut

The scarf looks gorgeous so far, and now I'm curious to check out the 'Scarf Style' book, and maybe see if my library carries this.

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