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i admire your ability to refrain. i've only been knitting for a little over year so i had this overwhelming urge to buy everything i loved when i started. now not so much. i don't have THAT large of a stash but still much more than i need!

all of your yarn looks rad, btw. green for life!


So what are you doing with the yarn you're purging?

Serously, that just a tiny little stash. You have no worries or issues!! :)


I'm so proud of you! very inspirational


Thanks! All the purged yarn is going to Interim House thanks to the heads up from Cast-On. ( http://www.cast-on.com/?p=84 )


Not bad at all, You don't have much, and what you do have is all quality.


Man Caro -- you are motivating me to get my butt home and do the same!
Bravo on the walking. You've got to enjoy that Austin weather while you've got it. Huh?


You call that a stash? Seriously? Ha! Just wait until I post the photos of the sock yarn insanity at my house - and that is only a portion of the stash! It is crazy! I'm in purging mode though, so we will see what survives...

I need to post the information on the place in Boston that Staci sends her yarn off to - they have been so wonderful and grateful for receiving it. It is really fabulous.

boxing octopus

man, even though we've never met, i'm bummed you're moving from austin. and sorry to be the bearer of bad news about the salad spritzers.


I aspire to a stash like yours, Caro! I know it will never be a possibility for me, though. The best I can do is to keep knitting from my stash and keep watch on my purchasing.

Thanks for the shout out to the podcast!

s t a c i

I didn't know there was anyone else out there like me! I've found a stash (not stash really, but leftover yarn) project I'm going to start right away...the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Gifts. The gal at Dogged Knits has a beauty up on her site right now - http://doggedknits.com/


looks like you are so over pink! what is the stripey looking sock type yarn that you culled? it looks just like a stripey color I've been eyeing for a while....


Ahem... I need to take some lessons from you.


Wow, your stash really does look just like Staci's (ie, all leftovers)! I tend to buy yarn when it's cheap and then find a use for it later, which leads to mass accumulation...


Did you know that your new home has a place that takes yarn & supply donations? Yep, right there at The Yarnery - http://www.yarnery.com/ - which I discovered thanks to reading the Harlot's booktour page.

By the way, do you want a houseguest sometime around April 4th? ;-) (I think my relatives would think I was crazy if I went to MN to see a knitting book author!)


I can't help but notice that beautiful deep red cascade yarn you have there..... what color is it besides red? dyelot? I have been looking for something just like that.


I am impressed with your self control. Can you please send some my way?


Pretty! And really, that's no stash whatsoever. You shouldn't have any guilt!

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