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Bad Hippie

What a perfect place for a knitter to move. Now you can make LONG socks to ward off the Midwestern chill!

P.S. That husband sweater is amazing!

Pam Gillette

Hey I'm in Minnesota and really close to Minneapolis. There is a huge knit/crochet community here, the Textile Center of Minnesota is a fantastic resource, several SNB groups, the Minnesota Knitter's Guild, wool festivals, really super cool yarn shops and yarn cafes, I could go on, plus you get to wear your work for several months of the year. Good luck with the move, perhaps our paths will cross!

Sarah L.

Sadness and joy! You will be missed and envied! Thanks to the blogging community we can all keep in touch and see your fab creations against a backdrop of snowy white. I hope I get to see you before the big move. Happy New Year!


Hey, welcome to the Twin Cities ahead of time. Join the Twin Cities Knitting group on yahoo and you'll find out where a lot of the snb groups are right away. I just got here in July from Colorado and you won't find a friendlier group of knitters anywhere else!


I'm going to miss you so so much! But I am always down for a trip to Minnesota! Woohoo!


you'll be greatly missed in austin, but i'm sure minneapolis will love you too! i'd love a great reason to move to a place that has seasons...and more knitting weather. good luck with your move! hope to see you before you go...happy new year!!!


I'm so jealous! Minneapolis is my hometown and it's great. Austin is great too. I just spent the last two days in Austin and I love it there, but Minneapolis is even better. The folks in Minnesota are very nice and there are something like 20 yarn stores in the metropolitan area. I was just there for the holidays and I discovered Amazing Threads in Maple Grove. It's a little off the beaten path, but well worth it. The weather in Minne is perfect lots of wooly knits. Good luck and enjoy!

jenny r

I'm kind of sad that you are leaving but happy for both of you (it is probably more your part of the country, you being Northies and all). Will you keep my address and write? I have heard that is a very cool city!!


Hey! I just happened to drop by today because I was wondering how that all shook out for you. Great news!
Speaking for myself and most certainly for Carrie over at Knit-Whit, consider yourself befriended by some MN knitters!
You've got my email...DO let me know if you need absolutely anything, and when you're settled and up and ready for some knitting, of course!


Hurray for moving to a knitting city! I'd leave Austin for colder climes too, if the opportunity presented itself. Too bad your MLB team is the Twins though. And leaving your kitchen behind? Heartbreaking, but 22 YARN SHOPS? Totally worth it.


Excellent hat - is that cable or faux cable? Looks fancy. And aren't you a peach with your positive "will move anywhere" attitude! Good luck with the move, doll - enjoy the fall leaves and post pictures, please.


nonono,you cant move yet!!!!i spent the past few months looking forward to knitting with you at sxsw et avec ma soeur !!!i was even going to bring you a section of the habu tape yarn !!!!!! ok ,well minnesota eh! i think a friend of mine owns a pizza restaurant there .i'll have to get you the adress ,shes an awesome cook....good luck,marisa'a sister, stacey


Just popped in here after seeing your comment at mode-knit. I hope you love MN - we've got yarn to share and groups to join. Lot's of groups to join!


congrats on your move! you couldn't get more opposite from austin, could you? but minneapolis is a cool city, literally and figuratively.


I'm a Minnesotan by marriage - great yarn shops in MSP area! Good luck, Caro, too bad it wasn't a tad bit closed to YVR. You wouldn't want to be here this winter anyway - the worst I can remember.

Kaitie Tee

I grew up in the Twin Cities. You'll love it there. The Cities have great restaurants, arts, a free zoo, good music. Yes, they even have great yarn shops. I recommend The Yarnery - it's on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. The shop is in an old house and carries a fantastic selection. Go hungry and stop for lunch at Cafe Latte (make sure to have dessert too).


I'm still sobbing over the fact that you're moving, although I am lucky and have family up there in the Twin Cities area, so I am DEFINITELY going to visit. I'm also jealous that you will have seasons. Swooning with jealousy over that, I tell you.

Are we still going to do SxSW, Knitting Style? (SxSWk, timed right along with SxSWi?)


Happy New Year, and good luck with the move!!



Oh, lucky us!! Have you wandered up to scope out living arrangements or anything?

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