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Oh, my gosh! We'll miss you here in Texas!


The hat looks great! Good luck on your new adventures.

Amy Mac

I'm going to miss you SO MUCH! But I've never been to Minnesota OR 22 yarn shops in one day . . . sounds like a mission is in order!

Nadia Lewis

How exciting! Congratulations on the move!


I'm not a knitter, but a hearty welcome to the land of sky tinted waters.


WOWza! Congrats on the move. I love Coronet too. I've made a few!


Long time lurker here, coming out to say, "Welcome to Minnesota!"
We've had an unusual winter, but maybe by the time you get here we'll be back to normal.
Good luck with your move!


Congratulations!!!!! Austin will feel your loss :-0


Sounds exciting! What a great way to start the new year.
I'm sure you'll find great knitters over in Minnesota.

Cute hat. :D

Elizabeth K

How exciting to move to a place with real weather!


NOOOOOOOOoooooOOO! You can't move!!

Okay, yes you can . . . and I've heard great, great things about Minneapolis. But dude, the Lone Star state is seriously going to miss you!

Will you still be here for SXSW?? Will you still come to Kid N Ewe next year? :)


Wow, finally moving to the cool again. That's great!! I once was going to move to where you're going. I think having actual seasons is a good thing. Coronet and the sweater look fantastic! I'm glad the hubby loves it. Good luck on your move, and happy New Year!!


What a year you have ahead of you! Sounds great! Best of luck with all of the moving prep!


congratulations! i'm happy that you're happy about the move (frankly, i'd be happy too -- i don't handle the heat too well either)


That's wonderful news! Congratulations and Happy New Year!


MMmmm chocolate... It's a cute toque.
We're going to miss you something fierce but I hope this is a really great move for you guys.


bah, i'm going to miss you so much but am happy for you all the same. we just have to get together as much as possible for beers, wine, and knitting between now the march.

love the toque. may have to jump on that bandwagon now.


How exciting! Hooray for sweater seasons! Love the hat.


I know you are going to find lots of fun knitters to hang with up there, but we are sooo going to miss you at Saturday Meetup. It breaks my heart but I hope you keep in touch and come to visit now and then. The toque is super cute on you and the husband sweater is gorgeous and fits splendidly. I may have to make one - wool and all. Happy New Year!


Wow! Best wishes and exciting times ahead! Happy New Year...

adorable toque!


Congrats on the move, it's always exciting to move somewhere new! And 22 yarn shops? Wow, how will you ever pick a favorite? :)


Congrats!!!! Hopefully the weather will cooperate by turning cold up north for you. If I find any MN bloggers, I will let you know.


Caro! Wha?!?!? I am just so sad. My neighbor! I hardly knew ya!


Exciting news! I'm sure you'll love it up there. I'll think of you in August. BLECH.

LOVE LOVE the sweater below. Wow, I'm seriously impressed (non knitter - but still).


It sounds like you're pretty psyched about the move - congrats! I'm already jealous of you and your high-falutin' seasons!

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