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Thanks for the reminder! I've got my TiVo all set...the sneak peak is intriguing!


I can't wait to see it!


Somebody please cap these for sharing to those overseas. Puhlease! I can trade for bad Aussie programming :)


great! i thought i had missed it. uncommon threads has been on hgtv and i really like it. much more so than knitty gritty (shhh don't tell anyone).

Elizabeth K

Ooooh goody! So glad I'm staying home from work today because of the "arctic blast".


How exciting!! I hope I didn't miss it. Congratulations. :D


Hee heee, I'm looking at you on the tee vee right now! I agree, let the iron do all the work. :) You have a little ol' accent, too. Just a wee one. So cute!

I've never seen Uncommon Threads, but I'm really liking it. (Maryse, I won't tell anyone if you don't. shhhhhhhh)


I have never been so depressed to not have cable. DAM YOU COMCAST AND YOUR HIGH RATES!!! {I'm also shaking my fist at my apartment for deeming dish unsighltly}

So..anyone taping and care to share ? :D I don't have bad aussie programing, but I can send you photos of my dog sleeping....i know...


WOOHOOO! Congrats - I just saw you on TV! Very cool. I only watched for a mintue (saving the TiVo for when the kids are napping) but it was so cool! It looks like you guys had tons of fun! Can't wait for the next episodes!


I just saw the episode! It was great! Such cool projects.


DVR is set!! Can't wait to see your fanciness.


I watched the show this morning. Ya'll did a good job.


What a great episode! I love Uncommon Threads and really enjoyed the apron. Can't wait to see your other episode. Congrats!!


Ha! I dragged Bubba into the living room to watch fancy Caro on the teevee! We both agree that even though you were only working the iron that you were fabulous. I already have the next episode set on the DVR. Actually, I have the show on a Series Recording, or some such complicated thing, so that I don't miss any of you Glitterati Ladies!

Celebrity Caro, will you sign my boobs?

Kidding. Sorry. Ahem. Less drinking while watching HGTV...

jenny r

I'm such a dork. I photographed the tv and posted it on flickr. I think we did great. I think the tips were helpful, too. You and your flip ironing. I can't wait to see you on the next one!


Yes, we are awesome! I saw it today. I did laugh at myself, it was a bit odd. And my teeth and eyeballs look so damn white! We did good. I'm glad that you filled in on the ad libbing part, because I'm horrible at it...couldn't think of anything to say, so I just sat there, smiled, and nodded my head :p


Okay, i don't have cable, but know that if I did -- I'd be recording this so I could see it again and again. I'm rooting for you Caro!

Lady S

I recorded it yesterday and am watching it now. You did a great job! I don't have a sewing machine, but I totally want to make myself an apron now!

s t a c i

I watched the show - you looked great! And you casually and confidently used words like "endeavor" without any problems. I'm totally impressed.

I'm getting the idea from the comments that there are more shows??


You did great!! Can hardly wait to see the upcoming episodes!! I'm so envious of you moving to Minnesota!! I'm originally from MN and miss it terribly!!!


congrats! i actually saw the apron episode yesterday!


Congrats on a FANTASTIC show!


GASP. I think my Tivo didn't record like it should have. I'm going to have to go and kick the little Tivo guy's butt if that happened. (Now I need to go and look. Maybe I had it sorted by name and just missed seeing it.) *grumble*


I was wrong; the Tivo had it. I didn't have to kick any Tivo butt. *whew!* You are too cute for words - I was giddy as could be when you appeared on my screen! Poor Mike, I made him put down the PSP to watch and everything!


Great show, I loved it!

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