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thanks for sharing! i love the posterboard idea. i've been using an old white bedsheet but i often have to deal with wrinkles. the posterboard will store flatter and look better (plus -- no laundry!)

as for the tripod -- i got a little one like that for christmas 2 years ago. i had expected a full size tripod but in the end the little guy has gotten a lot of use (photos of small things like you showed here).

i'm jealous of your windows at floor level with indirect sun. i have to do a bit of work to get indirect light but you're right -- nothing beats it!


Thank you so much for posting this information. I'm a new blogger (and new digital photographer), and I've been having a hard time getting good pictures of my work. And I have a Nikon Coolpix, so you've given me confidence that I can actually use that camera to improve my photos. Things were alot different with film SLRs!


Okay so that's what the tripod my husband bought for the camera is for!? Thanks for the detailed information. Now I can take better pictures of my knitting. Now I need to get DH to show me how to reduce the pictures so they don't take up so much space! :-)


Thank you so much. I have been debating this issue for the past month. I love taking pictures at the beach but it has been too windy, to rainy, too crappy or I am too busy to get out there.
I need to figure out how to take emergency pictures and you just handed it to me....
I am humbly appreciative and will be practicing tonight.
I also got a new fancy smancy camera (to me at least) that is just begging for a little TLC. Wonder where I put that dang little book.....


Thanks so much for this. I didn't know about the macro setting part--I have a flower setting on my camera, too! I knew it was for close-ups...but I wish they would have said "macro" because I'm not sure what it was doing. Thanks for turning on the little light bulb hovering over my head!!!!

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