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I'll be sure to catch it when I get home tomorrow...I DVR it daily. You seeemd like quite the natural, not nervous at all on the last segment. Sorry you'll be leaving our fair state, but I too miss the seasons. Thanks for the picture taking tips too, since the flash on my camera is not so hot I rely on natural light.


I'm going to go set my DVR now. I know the show has already been taped, but for some reason I'm compelled to say Good Luck!


Hey Caro - I've just posted this over at whipup. Nice work!


I can't wait to see it!


Good luck! ...even though you already taped it


I don't have cable here so I don't get to see your show :(. But Congrats!!!

ThangQ for the 'tute' on pic backgrounds... Posterboard, here I come!!


excellent! i'll have the vcr set. this is one of my favorite projects of yours.

jennifer perkins

I just saw a picture of the bucket on Whip Up and it looked amazing. I'm sure you guys are going to look awesome tomorrow!


You are fast becoming a TV celeb! I'll be sure to check my DVR tomorrow. That looks like a fun project...


That's a brilliant idea!


I set the TiVo! :)


I can't wait to get home and watch it this evening. I'm going to have to make one for myself.


I so want to make a bucket - in fact, I think I'll run out to the thrift shop today and get a giganto pair of old jeans cuz I want a big-ass bucket. I just want to know where to get the really cool fabrics (locally) that you manage to find.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I am new to Sewing and Knitting. This basket is great. I just finished watching the show and I am looking through the fabric I bought this weekend. I am going to make this basket in various sizes for my family. My oldest niece was with me watching the show and started begging for us to make it. So here we go I will send you a picture as soon as were done. Thanks again.


Thanks to Christine's earlier post, I set my STiVo to catch it! How exciting!


I'm so happy we now have a DVR!


Hey Caro- I set the recorder so I can watch this evening. I don't sew, but I like your bucket. Hey - I just like your style.


Your episode was great, very cool!!


You were fabulous on TV - my daughter and I watched it together. I told her the lady who made our cute coin purse things was going to be on TV and she was very impressed!! And we loved the project - way cute, and you were so darned professional!!
Well done!


Okay, I finally watched this episode and you were GREAT! (I'm not thrilled about the hostess -- every time she said "craft" I wanted to use my knitting needles like weapons.) And hey, your instructions were clear and concice -- I might actually make this bucket!


Great job on the tube! Where's your Canadian accent? I moved here from DC 10 years ago and when I go back strangers think I am actually FROM here....happens to everyone I think. Thank you for demystifying the bucket for me. I've been knitting a couple years, but just recently picked up sewing for the first time since 8th grade home economics class. I bought some great home fabric at Ikea and think it would be perfect. I think my sisters and mother each need one. Finally a use for all those pairs of jeans I will not be squeezing into anytime soon.


I finally caught this one! Hooray for (insert your favorite superlative) Austin crafters!


well aren't you a hot mama! I watched it! Fabulous!


I finally saw the show - awesome! The bucket idea is pretty cool, I like the slide-in bottom and that it requires very little sewing!


Congrats (the teevee thing AND the move!). Oh how I wish our VCR worked...

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