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Amy Mac



wickedy wickedy whack, yo.

no really, i love it. i think you should go for it.

what happened to backyard leaves? still working on it or have a change of mind?

those stitch markers are fab!


what a great little tin - I thought of the same thing - the old lip balm!

the green is so pretty - let us know when you decide on a pattern.


It's not easy being green, unless you're green and Wicked. Do it! And thanks for pointing me towards that great pattern!

Now you got me all worried! I have 4 skeins of that same yarn and was planning on making the assymetrical cardigan from Yarnplay. :(

Love the green stuff. :D


Oh - I had not seen Wicked before. I think you should totally go for it! It is fabulous, and great for the MN spring weather!

I'm coveting your lip balm tin.


Caro, this post has made my day! I *heart* Green!!


Great gobs of green goodness!

I can see you've got some wicked fans here, but I'm not real big on the pockety thing. It'd be a lovely sweater without though.


What about this sweater? http://misstwiss.blogspot.com/search/label/Knit%20In%20Chunks
The pattern doesn't seem to be quite finished yet, but.. well, you can knit it in chunks, eh?

I like Wicked a lot, except for that pocket. It's not that I mind pockets, in general; they're really useful and all that. I just don't think it looks good on that sweater. If you like it, though, then you should definitely go for it.


I think Wicked is super cute! The cardigan is pretty too, but I have some deep-seated aversion to cardigans in general. I like the pocket on Wicked too.


i vote for lucy. a girl in my guild had it on at the last meeting and it just went to the top of my to knit list. it's purdy.

so is that green yarn.

just discovered your site and love love love the things you make. i may have to dust off my sewing machine. thanks for the inspiration.


wicked! yeah, that´s a cool sweater.
i love the stitch markers - hope you´ll find them within the green yarn ;)


That's some hot green you got there. Those stitch markers are very pretty too. What can you do with 110 yards.. a Vest or shell?? A Cardigan might be cutting it close unless you want something lacy.. And since you're moving up towards colder weather... I dunno... hmmm


1. Ok, I read a bunch of previous entries, but missed out on something: What is a moo card?
2. Sorry I missed you while you were in TX. Would love to visit in June or July. You're welcome to come here in your winter. (It's 25 in Plano, and 4 in Minneapolis).

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