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I always think of that book when someone has a cat who wants to go in, out, in, out, etc!! Yeah, Bicoe might have a rough time after the move...


gah, i'm so loving this weather. i've made so much knitting progress, it's ridiculous.

hey, we got our mail both days. our postman is a total badass, though. he's been rocking this burly white beard for some time now and has this rough around the edges way of talking to you.

stay cozy and warm. can't wait until your next show.


I did get to watch the show that day. It was so cool seeing you on TV and thinking I "know" her, when I obviously don't, but I kinda do. :D

Hope your getting at least some knitting done.


You have a ragdoll kitty!! Love!! How did I not know that till now? Anyway, loved seeing you on HGTV. I have the other episodes set on the DVR so I won't miss you going over the craft bucket. Fancy lady on the teevee with your Austin twang and all.

I heard the lore of ice storms from Midwestern Bubba who grew up in Kansas. Apparently, no city is all that well prepared to deal with storms that make enormous trees come crashing down on houses, etc. Stay safe and warm.


I have a Ragdoll too! And when I listened, I didn't hear "Texas" at all - I picked up some northern tones in there when you spoke. But they will probably mock you all the same when you get up to Minnesota.

Which green Brooks Farm 4-Play do you have? What is the number on it? Do we have the same stuff? (Just in case I have extra when I finish my sweater, and in case you need more.)


I didn't see the TV show but I wish I did. I like your icy winter pictures. I took a few of my own in San Antonio. I think my husband had a little cabin fever as well. I on the other hand, didn't mind staying home. It was relaxing.

jenny r

I heard some things I hadn't considered. Bridges/overpasses are built here in ways that people up north would not have done it - not made for cold climates, so they ice over badly. Then the trucks can't make their deliveries. The 24-hour WalMart had to close! HEB was out of soda! I know 18-wheeler trucks have a worse time of it, too.

Ok, and yeah, I don't detect this accent you're talking about. All I hear is Canadian ;)


Caro! I had so much fun watching you on TV. I kept thinking, oh, I know her! Well, kind of. Seeing you on the telly made me feel like I knew you. You're just as sparkling as I knew you would be. Your pals seems lots of fun, too. Yay!


I was surprised to see icy weather in Austin! I thought we were the ones getting all the crap weather. I didn't get to see the show and no luck downloading it, either. I'm sure you were great!


wow - that is a lot of ice! even for here in New England that would shut a few things down (though I'd probably go out in it like I always do)....


Hey! Aren't you that lady from the Tee Vee?!
It was a great debut, can't wait for the next one.


Some kitties just take forever to realize that the outdoors isn't as warm as it looks through the window. They may be very intelligent but sometimes you wonder. But a cute kitty photo. Bicoe's first adventures in snow should be very entertaining. Keep the camera ready for that photo op.


I watched the live show while I cooked, but recorded it on DVR so I can replay it and pay more attention. Abby was tickled to see you on TV. The accent that bugged me the most was the hosts, I didn't even notice yours, but then it wouldn't stand out to my ears. Looking forward to the next one too. Poor kitties. I trapped my feral cat in the garage for 3 nights. I couldn't let her sleep out who knows where in this weather, I think she's calmed down a bit now and I may set her free today if I feel it's warm enough. She has an enormous coat, but still, she's almost 8 years old. Take care and will try to see you on Saturday.


I'm back because I tagged your ass (not in a naughty way) for a meme. Come on, aren't you still stuck inside? Feel meme-y? Come see...

I didn't get to see the show, but I am proud of you regardless! My parents are also going stir crazy in San Antonio. Weird weather!

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