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Great photo! How goes the home hunting?


At lest it's sunny. I remember once being in Edmonton in Feb, seeing a Slurpee spilt on the sidewalk, and thinking that Slurpee would be there until April!

Check out any yarn shops yet? Depth of Field was a memorable one.


Great photo! We've got an inversion at the moment, so the top of the hill is a couple of degrees above zero, under brilliantly sunny skies - feels suspiciously like spring skiing.


you can take the girl out of canada, but you can't take canada out of the girl. that picture is very cool. cold even ;)


I used to live in Mpls. I really liked it a lot. I hope you will be very happy there.

Kaitie Tee

Kinda cold? My mom said it was so cold today it hurt to breathe. Brr!


As much as Austin is so you, I think Minneapolis is going to be even better. They probably have some rockin' pinball there too.


Welcome to Minneapolis, Caro! And since you're into hockey, don't forget to check out Ridder Arena at the U, where the Golden Gopher women's hockey team is playing North Dakota at 3 pm today. The only arena built for women's hockey in the country, and a lot more comfortable than the Xcel Center. Not to mention that the Gophers (who finished second in the country last year and were national champs for two years before that) play better hockey than the Wild any day... We've got season tickets, and you're always welcome to come along if you like.


Are you going to be in town for the Knit-Out & Crochet at the Mall of America on Feb.17 and 18?


Great photo!


oh man- it does get coooold there.
good luck finding something, I dig that city!


what a great photo! that is cold!


Found a house yet?


Um, I believe you meant to say, "Fucking cold!" because -11 is seriously cold business. However, being the Canadianne (word? You know what I mean) that you are, you're probably all fine and dandy - loving up the chilliness. Me, I'd be in tears. Frozen sad tears.


I'm with finny. That photo totally scares me. But I have visited, and liked it a lot--I think you will too!


Uh....you thought it was cold here last weekend?!!! What is worse? TX heat, NorCal rain, or MN FRIGID? I guess I'm getting a lot of knitting done. Welcome to Minneapolis!

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