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Geez, that's awful! Thank goodness Mum is on the way. I kno whow extreme ironing can be dangerous, last fall I had to take Tom to the emergency room after an extreme raking accident - he pulled something and it was horrible. This year, the leaves just lie there. Until they stop falling, I'm not even going to let him sweep them out of the trampoline. They can just rot. I suppose you could say that about the ironing, but I know you're ironing while sewing, right, not ironing the hubs' shirts. Are we still on for Saturday at the cafe?


hope you get to feeling better, lady.

i say milk all the mum help you can!


Hey if you can injure yourself ironing I think that makes it an extreme sport. Next week on ESPN 8 "The Ocho" International X-treme Ironing competition. I'd watch that.


I have those mouse ornaments, some with eyes even. Love them!

I hope your swelling goes down and you can enjoy the painkillers better.


i'm so sorry! and sympathetic too, as it's only been about nine months since i sprained my ankle. i was just walking along an uneven sidewalk carrying a basket of laundry, so you're not the only one to do that in a really unexciting, unglamorous way. i had a coworker who actually broke hers just by trying to stand up to get the phone when one of her feet was asleep.

my point is that you are not alone.


Oh no! Get better soon!


I missed you!
I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest and milk it all the way!

Happy holidays.


This is why I've given up ironing...


Oh bugger! Housework is dangerous. There should be insurance for it. I'm serious!


You made a grave error, there -- IRONING! I try to avoid it as much as possible.

Happy holidays, and speedy recovery.


extreme ironing is what I would call this...
ouch. I hope you are feeling better.

Peace for the holidays and the new year~

I am CRACKING up listening to your xmess mix... love it!

happy swazy (sp?)Christmas..


Good lord! While ironing? You know what that means - no more ironing. Unless for sewing, that is.

If it makes you feel any better, I used to blacken my toenails (as in they turn black and fall off) snowboarding and backpacking (ok, so I still do this, too), but most recently - did it by rolling over my toe with the desk chair.

"Hey, what happened to your toenail? Did you crush it while rock climbing or something?"

"Why, no, I was trying to haul my ass closer to the computer and rolled over it with my chair. I'm still cool, right?"

I still feel like a tard.

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