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That is so fabulous! And what a great story - I love that the tradition continues and you now have your own tree.

Merry Christmas!


Oh I love that!!!

Happy Happy to you and yours.


Wow. That's beautiful. Merry Christmas!


What a beautiful tradition. Merry Christmas, Caro!


The tree is beautiful, and the tradition is wonderful! Merry Christmas!


That is awesome- did you just punch the lights through the velvet as well?


What a beautiful tradition and tree. I have an aunt who is partially sighted and I know she would love something like that.

Merry Christmas!


How gorgeous! and what a fabulous tradition... Merry Christmas!!

Lady S

That is so lovely. What a nice story.


awesome tradition! :) Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas


very neat - what a fabulous way to celebrate!!!

sarah b.

What a cool tradition! Traditions are what make the holidays so special!


What a beautiful tree - my great aunt did the same thing. One of the last ones she made lives at my parents' house and hopefully will be mine one day.

Merry Christmas!

s t a c i

Wow...you come from a long line of crafty women, don't you?

Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year!


That is gorgeous!! What a great tradition!


Well, it's just beautiful. What a cool tradition and what a cool Gram you had. Enjoyed meeting your Mum, hope you guys are having a great holiday!


That tree keeps you all together, always. Best of the New Year to you and yours.

Willow Caroline

OMG!!! My mom and grandmom were jewel tree makers for years!! Only they had to save all the green bottles - wine, water, etc - from the year.. they would break the green glass into large shards and then use that to make a background tree on the velvet. Dad would drill all the holes in the back of the board and insert the lights, and they would glue on the glass and jewels. Every year, they would shine brightly over the mantel piece, and for years, friends and neighbors would be gifted with them! I know my mom has a cupboard full of partially assembled ones.. I may have to go visit and bring home one to assemble for myself.

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