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that is amazing. it looks like it fits perfectly!!!!!!


looks perfect! cannot wait to start on this one for D. you're so talented, lady.


It is perfection! What a wonderful job you did. I hope he wears it til it's threadbare.


that sweater looks beautiful! and i love your photos.


What a beautiful job! It's stunning. Well done.


Holy crap! That is freaking awesome!

And aren't you a champ for making it all perfecto for Husband. He is a lucky man :)


Wow, what a really really awesome sweater!


This is a beautifully classic and elegant design - my pertner should be so lucky! It is just the kind of thing I would choose for him. Great work, and excellent colour choice.


It's a great great sweater! In fact, I don't own the book, but just seeing the sweater is inspiring me. How is the piece constructed?


I keep looking at your version of this sweater and at BrooklynTweed's and I think I am going to have to make this sweater. Great work, it looks so fabulous! Any advice for someone that has only knit toddler sweaters?

Princess Pumpkin

This jumper is really interesting. I really like the saddle design and the contrast colour bands on the inside. Great work!

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