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Amy Mac

Congratulations! It looks fantastic!


It's so gorgeous. The perfect sweater!


Wow! That's really amazing. I think it's one of the nicest sweaters for a guy I have seen.


Beautiful job! I think I see a sweater in my husband's future.


It's perfect! Love the details.


I agree that your Husbeast's sweater is one of the finest examples of a man's sweater I've ever seen. Your details, including the contrasting color inside hems and collar, are perfection. You deserve to be proud!


OOOOooooOOOOoooohhh, what a handsome sweater. I'm going to show this to my mister. He's very particular and I think he could go for this! Beautiful job, love the secret colors tucked inside the cuffs and collar.


Ohhhh that's awesome!

jennifer w.

How manly! (I would say beautiful, but that doesn't sound right describing a man's sweater). What a wonderful accomplishment!


It looks positively genius. Bravo.


GORGEOUS!!! I love it too! It looks great on too - you are right it's perfect! I can't wait for the new episodes of Uncommon Threads either - it's so very cool! I have a Jo Sharp sweater on the list for my hubby, but after that I might just make him one of these.


I've been going back and forth in trying to decide whether to make this for DS#2. Now, there's no question after seeing yours. Which looks great. Now to find the right color/yarn to get started.


Congrats! Knitting a sweater that a guy loves is NOT THAT EASY!


You deserve a trophy for this one. It's a perfect husband sweater. The color, the fit, etc., are fabulous and... he's wearing it?!?!? WOW! haha That's what's always held me back from knitting anything for my husband. He's so picky. But I really do think he would like an EZ Hybrid. And if he didn't, I would definitely wear it for him. :)


That looks so great! Especially the hem- turn down in the accent color! Wow. Very professional. You should be proud!

s t a c i

I'm about 3/4 of the way through this sweater now, and I love the recipe. (I bought the book after seeing how nicely yours was coming out.) I am, however, having difficulty fitting the saddle shoulders to Chris. I've ripped it back once, and now I've downgraded to raglan. :( I think top-down might be the answer for his future sweaters.

But your's is a perfect fit! I'm going to have to fight the urge to rip back and try the saddle shoulder again. You've hit a home run here!


What a perfect sweater!
Love the accent colour too...


I love it. When I first saw that pattern knitted up (I think it was in burgundy and on another blog a while back) I knew it would be perfect for my husband, who is near impossible to fit (a raglan would work, but I like the look of this one much better than a basic raglan). I will have to add it to my list to knit in 2007, especially since I just showed these photos to him and he likes it a lot.


Wow Caro! That is true classic.


Good for you! That sweater looks fantastic. And I am so, so sorry we didn't get to meet up. I hope your ankle is feeling better and I'm wishing the very best for you in 2007.


Wow, it turned out perfect! I really like the tshirt yoke action going on in the front. I think that I see on of these sweaters in my knitting future...


Absolutely beautiful! Definitely worth the wait if he's wearing it out already! :) Happy New Years!


Amazing! It looks so great on him - perfect fit, and just his style too. Wonderful product, Caro dear!


This makes me so glad that I got that book for Christmas. I can't wait to read more of it.

Can you e-mail me when you get a moment? Which TV show are you going to be on? Any word on air date yet? (I'm trying to make sure I have the Tivo set and that I haven't missed it.)


Fantastic! It looks absolutely perfect. :)

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