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i do love the sweater.


Gak. I love that color.

Bravo to you for doing it the way you want.

gotta listen to that wee voice!

jennifer w.

Well, kitty seems to enjoy it just the way it is (was)!

My husband is always amazed at how much of a project I will rip out if I am not happy with something. That is, of course, since I did not listen to my own little voice 30 rows ago.


wow! i admire your ability to frog back that far. i think you made the best decision in the long run. i could tell on saturday you weren't that thrilled with it and after all that work you should be.

i can't wait to see the final result. it's going to look so great!


Ouch, frogging hurts, but better to be happy with it since you're the one who's got to look at the sweater on him.


*sigh* Us knitters never do! We always knit best! Your design is awesome anyway, and this way it won't always bug you.


*sigh* Us knitters never do.... We always know best! Your design is awesome anyway, and this way it won't always bug you.


You know it's gonna be worth it, because that sweater rocks. Hmmm. Mr. Frick's seamless hybrid part II? Tempting.


ooohhhh! Sorry. Don't you wish the "lessons" could be learned on projects without deadlines? It looks great though! Keep it up.

s t a c i

Ooooo...frogging is bad enough, but frogging out all of that colorwork/weaving is really painful! I admire your tenacity for getting it right!

It looks great. Are you going to make the pattern available? My man likes straight-bottomed sweaters (no ribbing) like that, too.


Looks great now - looks like your kitty loves the sleeve!


It's painful but it will work out better in the long run. I feel your pain but the sweater is absolutely gorgeous!


Sign #1 this knitting is so impressive -- I don't understand half of what you are talking about on here! :) I'm glad you figured it out and the sweater is coming along. It looks quite nice.


That sucks! I agree with Staci - frogging the intarsia is a major pita. Were you doing the intarsia in the round?


Wow- I love the husband sweater! It looks great! Did you design the intarsia section?


Frogging sucks, but your Husband Sweater still looks great!


Ack, I never listen to the inside voice either. I just ripped out the entire back of a knit christmas present with...what...17 days to go before Christmas? I'm doomed.


You knitting is just beautiful always but I really love this sweater. I am coveting knitted stuff right now, mostly cause I can't do it myself. Frogging eh? I can't imagine what that is but evidently I should be sorry for you.


I recently completed a sweater worked in the round a la EZ and my man had requested a letterman style P in the center of the chest. I first thought about working the intarsia the way you attempted and decided it wasn't going to work for me, so I used duplicate stitch also. It worked very well and looks really good. Good Luck and I'm sure your guy will love it!


Yeek, yes. I'm familiar with the voice going, "Hey lady, this is going to suck and you know it. Just stop now and start over so that you don't finish a big pile of crap that you'll hate." This happened with the recent intarsia stocking situation. I ripped that baby out three times before I was happy with it. No fun, but big pay off.

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