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beautiful color choices. I might have to make these now. It looks like a fun pattern, what with all the cables and such!


I LOVE my fetchings! Yours are so pretty!


They look great -- I'm going to have to dig into the stash and make myself a pair!


Ooh, they look so cozy!


They look great. Were you able to make them each with just one ball?


So pretty! I agree about the picot bind-off -- I used a plain bind-off on my 2nd and 3rd pairs (which are the gift pairs, anyway). I think I'm going to make another pair for me, and put in an extra cable twist before I bind off, so they go farther down on my fingers....


Thanks! They were all done with just one ball. The bonus of the plain bind-off vs the picot is that you get a little extra yarn for the thumb rounds. I also only did 17 rows before the thumb instead of the 18 called for.

miss ewe

All hail Queen of the Fetching! They're lovely. Wish I were on your Christmas list!!! I'm making my own in January...


Beautiful! Can't wait to make me a pair.
What a great stocking stuffer.


very cute, and the colors are great!


They are all so pretty! This pattern is just too cute and fun to knit. I love my pair, and I have two more balls of DB to use to make more! Go for that chocolate - it is a gorgeous color ;)


They look good! I didn't do the picot bindoff after the first pair either.


They are all lovely, those are some lucky stocking owners. I bought some cashmerino yesterday to start my first pair of fetchings, Hello Bandwagon!


They are all lovely, those are some lucky stocking owners. I bought some cashmerino yesterday to start my first pair of fetchings, Hello Bandwagon!


Looking good with the non-picot bindoff! I wish that I had made mine a bit longer - I knit less rows above the cables (also to battle the rolling issue), but mine wound up a touch short.

I really like that paper that you have as a background, very cute!


Ooh, gorgeous! One of my coworkers is making a bunch of these for gifts as well. She has the same green (my fave!) and a gorgeous cranberry color. I wonder if I have any Cashmerino Aran in my stash....?


Ah, you solved my main issue with the Fetching pattern - I don't like the way the tops flare ou in the original pattern either. Nice work! Love the brown.

(And may I venture to guess that you don't own a hat because you live in Austin? I didn't make one for myself until I moved out West.)


Caro -- my gosh girl! Look at how lovely these are! I am totally impressed. I'm waiting until San Antonio to learn from my mama how to do cables. Can't wait!


Hey, they look great! I like the plain bound off edge too. I think that's why I didn't finish mine - I'm going back and redo the edges. I've been missing meetup - it's been a drag, but I've been knitting like a fiend. Now that the car is fixed, I'll aim for next Sat. I hope.


I love, love, love them all! One day I will have time to make myself a pair. I have some leftie over yarn that would do it up nice. Oh, and I tend to "test drive" a lot of my handmades, too. I crocheted a blanket for my sister that I "tested" for a full month of couch sitting before I gave it to her. Hopefully there weren't any snacks lodged in there.


Pretty! I like them much better without the curly bind off. I want a brown pair too. :)


Those are great. You and I seem to be alike in that we make several of the same thing - hey why make one when you've already made the mess - go ahead and make a dozen right?

They look great and I bet they feel wonderful!


I did the plain bind-off too - well, the k1, k1, k those 2 tog bind-off, for a little give. I like them a lot!

That gray is beautiful. I looked at my LYS tonight, and they didn't have that shade. Such a shame - it is lovely!


so pretty! the debbie bliss really shows off those cables beautifully. i love the colors you chose. 3 pairs...i can't get through my 2nd pair. i'd rather wash dishes than finish the last mitt. what's wrong w/ me?!


I agree, the picot was a bit floppy. I did some in both and liked the plain (and easier) bind off.

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