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I have that yarn in that same color or a very similar one and it is gorgeous and yummy. That is going to be one lovely scarf!




that's the exact same reason i bought scarf style. i can't wait to have my own, either. i wanted to start on it immediately but have waited for the right yarn.

yours looks so gorgeous. i love that yarn and color.


Oh! that color is stunning!
I have some Four Play in the stash... hopefully I can get to it soon!


That's beautiful! My friend is making that now - I may have to have one after the holidays - it's been on my make list for a while too.


great scarf. i agree some patterns need to be held off until the right time. i tried to knit this scarf when i just learned to knit and stopped... after a few other projects under the belt i went back to it and am happier with the result! your's is beautiful!


that's the perfect color for this pattern, imho. the scarf looks great so far...nice definition on the leaves.


i agree with olga ... that is the perfect color for this scarf. that pattern is so much fun to knit. i'm thinking about making another one someday, as the first one i knit was tragically lost.


Super cute. I know how fab the yarn is, I can't wait to start something with mine.


great scarf pattern! i love the pattern...and the color is so pretty. it'll look great on you!


Totally yummy - the yarn is perfectly semi-solid without being distracting. I wish that I had bought some of the solid Four Play before you people descended like wolves!


very pretty...
thanks for the birthday wishes!


Absolutely gorgeous and the color of the yarn is perfect!


I'm so glad you posted photos of it! I've been staring at my slightly different green yarn and wondering if it was going to have repeats of the lighter green, wondering how it was going to look, wanting to make the right sweater pattern with it. Seeing yours makes me want to go and cast on TODAY. Too bad I have to pack instead!

Pssst... can you e-mail me your mailing address? Pretty please? :-D


How wonderful!! Great work and wonderful shade!


That yarn is perfect for Backyard Leaves! I've just finished a shawl for my sister using some Brooks Farm. It's lovely yarn.

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