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What a great idea!!!!!


These are AWESOME! I totally am going to hit Joann and make some of these. We have a ton of glass ornaments that we can't hang - once we got the cats, we realized that anything breakable hanging from a tree is in danger.

The bar guy sounds like fun.


Beautiful! I normally hate novelty yarns but this is a great use for them! I have some I got for free at Rhinebeck...

jennifer r

See? Gah! I totally tried to steer our Glitterati Group meetings toward a bar (the Gingerman) but only a couple of people were game. What's with the shyness? It's more fun when you're tipsy. Hey, if you ever want to craft/knit/embroider in a drinking establishment, please give me a call!


When our roads get driveable again, I'm off to find some of those ornaments. Another storm due today -be glad you're there!


Thank you for the cool idea!!! I've made 30 of these this week - they are totally addictive! You're right too - the more horrid the yarn - the more gorgeous the ornament! Thanks again!


so lovely! what a wonderful, wonderful idea.


Much to my surprise this evening, I got an email from my LYS (colorfulyarns.com) advertising a workshop for making yarn ornaments. Attached to the email was the picture of the yarn ornaments from your blog. It looked familiar and I figured out that I had read about yarn ornaments on my name is true and had linked to your blog and had seen the picture there.

Anyways, I just thought you should know. They are actually a cool yarn store, but I did think it was crappy of them to steal someone else's pic and then make money off it! Boo!

:) ponyjasper/lindsay


these are stunning, you'd never find these baubles here in the UK


What a great idea!!


Wow! You got mentioned on the Moco Loco blog!


I couldn't find your trackback, but wanted you to know that I mentioned your blog on my new craft blog: Popsicle Stick. Would love to add a photo for this and future posts if that's OK. Will not use anywhere else for any other purpose and will attribute through post. Not seriously important one way or the other. I will still promote your site as one of my favs. Thanks!

beth hertle

neat idea, add me to your emails.


OMGosh! those are so adorable and crafty! like you i love to knot but i never know what to do with the left over yarn from my projects...amazing idea<3

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