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Genius idea! Too bad I just gave away all my novelty yarns to a scrappy scarf maker. Meaning, the scarves are scrappy, not the maker...

Where were you all knitting? Stay pure, Caro!

miss ewe

That IS a good idea!


Those ROCK!

Tamie Snow

I think I am gonna have to make some of those this year! That is such a great idea!


Those are great!!! The girls were out knitting at a coffee place the other night and one of the employees said "well there's something I thought I'd never see in here...a sewing circle!"

Elizabeth K

Very cute. I saw some like that at a Stitch booth.


Those are pretty! What a cool idea.


Hm....Now I'm tempted to knit teeny tiny sockies, sweaters, mittens, hats, scarves, gloves, vests...just about anything. And stick them inside of glass balls.


Those are just gorgeous!!!! I'm smitten!! And now the search begins for clear balls...


THIS is a *great idea* for all of those scraps! I am so inspired (yet again!) by you, Caro girl! :)


Positively brilliant idea and they look stunning! Alas, I have little to no novelty yarn - must I buy some? Sounds like you had fun too.


although a knitter on crack does do fast work, the quailty and pride just isn't there...

fabulous idea for use of hideous yarn. I may have to go grab me some clear ornments and do this up!


i have some godawful Bernat Disco that I got for free in the mail a while ago (didn't everybody?). now there's a use for it! ooh, or also, maybe as garland.


Lovely idea! I did something like this several years back, with potpourri, beads and wire-edged ribbon -- wouldn't have thought to use yarn. I think I have a few candidates in the stash. :-)


That has to be the neatest idea around. Yarn Ornaments. I'd have never thunk, that's for sure!

sarah b.

Great idea! I see some yarn ornaments in my future!


Aren't they the greatest!?!! I told the group they were emergency yarn balls --- break glass if you run out of yarn!! For the last several years, I've put up a snowman tree. I bought some glass balls and some of that silver fuzzy yarn. Can't wait to make them and hang them on the tree!


oh those are awesome. i may have to break my yarn diet just to buy some novelty stuff... hmm. maybe.


Very pretty ornaments. I remember my Grandma making those with crepe paper or the shredded paper you'd put in a birthday bag. But the yarn ones are simply awesome! :)


That is the best Idea Ever! I don't usually put up a tree, cause I do xmas at my parents, but this year I may have too! I love those ornaments!


Hey- would you consider submitting this post to Yarnival!? There's a link on my blog. This is a a great idea, and I love the photos- and the story about the clearly intoxicated lurker.


I never thought I'd buy hairy yarn! Thank you for this post; I am making my pretty balls right now. They look awesome!!!!!


Your ornaments definitely came out the best! I can't wait to put my tree up. Oh and I hope you disinfected the husband sweater after dirty meth guy fondled it. yum

Stalker Angie

I want some. I've been buying the clear ones and swirling paint in them. Damn, I feel retarded now. I want some!!! I'm going to Wal-Mart after work. Lord knows I have enough eyelash yarn and fun fur for everyone.... Hugs!


Oh My Lands! I am totally going to try these ornaments out. I have so much of that crap, er... "novelty" yarn, and can never figure out what to make with it all. Brilliant!

Tee hee - I love your KIP story. And as crazy as it sounds, I've had similar conversations/situations simply while at Half Price Books. And they're supposedly sober!

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