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I am all too aware of the rarity of the K, after hearing the histerical screams when I blocked a friend from playing the word Quirk on a triple word score.


luckeee! i wish i was close to being finished with my christmas knitting. i still have so many fetching to knit up and a couple of socks and a scarf! thankfully, i finished my first two socks. notice how i said two socks and not a pair. either way, i'm addicted.

i'm going to have to get me a needlecase, i'm tired of losing them all the time!


Thank you again for making them for me!

jenny r

Cute shop! How awesome your stuff is in it, too!


Very cute stuff - nice needle cases!


I'm very impressed that you finished your Christmas knitting so soon! What's your secret?

I think I'm going to buy a bunch of Scrabble games and steal all the Ks and then try and return them to the store.


I visited Scout's blog right befor yours, and saw your stuff there. That's so cool!!!


I'm a new knitter who came across your blog, and I'm married to a competitive Scrabble player. You should check out http://www.protiles.net/ which sells the tiles that the players use in competition. Not as nice looking as the classic wood ones, but more colorful, and you might be able to get just K's.


I do not know how you finished all your knitting before December. That is IMPOSSIBLE. And you feign excitement over me BUYING all my gifts before December. Ha! I can do that with an hour of alone-time with my laptop. You are the true holiday fancy-pants for sure.


What do you do with the boards? I want them!! I want them! I do game board journals. I can send you my scrabble tiles on exchange . . . .

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