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Don't you love those Cascade 220 "names"? It really annoys me when yarn companies can't come up with a descriptive name!


But see, less time designing means more time making cool swag for me! I mean..... my customers. :)

S t a c i

You're lucky that you got immediate approval from The Husband on a sweater...either you knew exactly what to show him, or you have a nice, laid-back guy.

I've only knit Chris ONE sweater. So sad. He's very picky.


I love knitting Kris sweaters- I have many planned. He doesn't completely appreciate them like I wish he would, but he knows how much time I spend on them, so that kind of counts. The sweater you are making is so nice - I love the tailored look of the hem. Very handsome ;)

I am doing NaKniSweMo too!


Looks fabulous! I asked Josh if he wanted a sweater and he's undecided about what kind he wants. So I'm holding off for a while.


lovely photos today Caro.
Don't you just love the acorn tops? They make me smile.


Beautiful pictures!

That sleeve looks like perfection to me.

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