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those look great! I love your stuff & I'm so psyched scouty's going to sell it!


Coolio! I had ordered some Moo cards too, but they seem to be taking the long route to Houston. I'm a complete and total sucker for tiny things!


moooo-wee jealous! tee hee *sigh*
I would love to come and play..
those cards are great! and your nails look much better than mine :)


Never thought I'd be excited about a trip to Boerne, but it should be a blast.


I *seriously* can not WAIT to see you. Is it Saturday yet??? Please leave me some 4-Play, ok?

I bought the cards, but then again I plan to use them at my photo booth. I have tried to resist since June - when I saw them in London, before the Flickr tie-in - but I couldn't resist anymore.


Grrrr!! I'm so sorry I'm gonna miss it this weekend!!! Fortunately Skitter and ToyareGoodFood are representin' Dallas!


I really want to make some of those fetching...


those are the cutest little cards. if i had any reason to need business cards like that, i would consider it.


I love those cards - I might have to seriously consider that...


Yay! I have cards too--but nowhere near as cool as yours. See ya tomorrow!!


My mom loves Boerne! I'll have to tell her about this show. Have so much fun!


MAN. I totally forgot to hit you up for one of your cards! Although I'm already a walking Splityarn advertisement. :-) I'll be posting photos and the "guest list" tomorrow on my blog. It seems that getting home at 1am is not good for you.

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