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Amy Mac

What a wonderful challenge!
I am always impressed with Kristen's knitting without looking. In fact, I noticed the girl next to her at this Saturday's meetup just staring at her hands. We were in awe!

Maybe I will use the pirate sweater to challenge myself to learn the same skill.

Way to go, Caro!


I am totally amazed by people who can not look at their knitting at all. I can go about 3 or 4 stitches without glancing down but it always feels like no hands on a bicycle. But my motivation for getting over that soon is my love of foreign films, I haven't rented anything with subtitles since I learned to knit.

Hey maybe you can knit on the bus if you get really comfortable knitting without peeking.


Good for you! I'm not over that hump yet, but I so badly want to get there. (Hubby is thoroughly sick of rewinding movies for the important bit I missed). I think it's a mild OCD thing - the anxiety of "not checking" for mistakes just grows and grows....


I can only go 4 or 5 stitches without looking. For some reason, every once and a while, my hands will do something different! I guess I just have to keep practicing!!


The husband sweater is Way Cool. I can't wait to see the finished product!


Oh hells yes! Way to go! I have to say that if I hadn't been able to make myself do the no-look stockinette early on, I probably wouldn't still be knitting. Not so exciting the constantly staring at the stockinette, is it? ;)

I can't do the no-look thing on lace or intricate pattern stitches - or for that matter with the crazy-tiny lace weight yarns because I can't actually 'feel' them, and so have no idea what's actually happening if I'm not looking - but plain stockinette or ribbing, and it's all good.

You know what's next for you, right? READING and knitting at the same time. So.much.fun.


I think that your mockup just needs to be blocked. I can knit without looking, purling is more difficult. However, I think that I listen to TV shows more these days than actually watch them. Knitting is much more difficult when there are subtitles!


Looking great! How do you plan to do the cross? I just finished a sweater for my husband using EZ's Knitting Without Tears and added a "P" using duplicate stitch. I also knitted in hem facings and they really dressed up the sweater. I wanted to do the seamless hybrid but couldn't because the arms are a different color than the body. I still want to make the hybrid. Can't wait to see your finished hybrid. Also love the colors you have chosen!


Very cute. I can't wait to see him model it. Is this a holiday gift?


I knit without looking so much of the time, I find that when I'm just watching my hands my eyes slow me down. It's a great skill to have, congratuations!


Knitting without looking? WHAT IS NEXT?

You know I have to try this now. Just wait for the fiber carnage.

S t a c i

For years I worked with blind people, and they were always telling me that your hands know what they're doing. Much better than you think they know. You don't have to watch them. Trust them.

It's true!


i still can't get myself to take my eyes off the needles. maybe with more experience. sweater's looking great and i think the drawing is really cute!


I too just discovered that I can knit stockinette without keeping my eyes glued to my hands! I still have to look down every so often, but what a discovery! I can only do it when I'm throwing, though, I think because of the way I "feel" the stitches and the working yarn -- can't knit blindly when I'm knitting Continental. Maybe that's next!

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