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nice detail!


WOWIE! That is fance, Caro. What pattern are you using for this man-sweater?


That's so flawless! Beautiful!

Amy Mac

I can't wait to learn how to do this!


that is a very respectable hemmed cuff indeed. I love the way it looks...more tailored. Nice work Caro!

miss ewe

Well done, you! It looks perfect!


I love that hem - my honey doesn't like ribbing and I'm drafting a sweater with that hemmed cuff as well - it works better over a dress shirt too. Thanks for always keeping me inspired and I LOVE the pink & black socks.


That is such a beautifully crisp and tailored look - I must try that.


Oooh, very nice looking!


that looks fantastic. i can't wait to learn the technique. those colors are great, too.


oooo I love the hemmed cuff! How fancy is that!


I love that main color on he sweater, what yarn are you using? I suppose one day I should make Tom another sweater, the old one is ratty - it was cotton. Also, what pattern are you using? Inquiring minds...you know the drill.


Ooh that is sharp. I'm gonna have to try that sometime.


The cuff looks great! And I agree about how using a larger size needle feels so much bigger than using a small size needle. But it's nice to have something that knits up so much more quick doesn't it? :)


Love the hem and contrasting inside color! Great job!!!

I feel the same way - I go from my #1 sock needles to #8's or 9's (or even 6's!) and my hands have to get used to them again....


Pretty! What yarn are you using?

It is nice to work on a larger-gauge project one in awhile. I have a lacey stole in the works, and when I switched to scarf knitting it was amazing to see so much progress in such little time!


That's a fine looking cuff. Will the bottom of the sweater have the same hem?


I'm so loving the knitted hem. So. Much. Can't wait to incorporate that into a project myself, one of these days.


Well, that's just gorgeous!


woo! love all your great knitting projects- i am inspired-
thanks for leaving me a comment-
who doesn't love an exploding pizza~!

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