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You are a strong woman. Looking at those pictures just made my heart hurt. So. Friggin. Cute.


ooooh! Me wants! they look ever so much nicer than my own evil feline.... yeah, right. He'd probably eat them. I have such bad cat kharma it's not even funny.


oh such cute wee orange ones.

that grew up to be hissy bastards that pee on my husband's clothes ;)


Oh hell, you could have taken the kittens home, hey, you had a good excuse...you had beer before breakfast!
Thankyou for the help with linking. It worked, I'm amazed!


fft. those pictures are just too much. i couldn't even make it over there for fear of leaving with them both. i just watched from afar. thankfully!


Aw... How could you leave those two bundles of fluff behind! Just pretend that they are fiber animals and you are going to spin from their coats.


kitties. It burns with a fiery cuteness.
Just remind yourself that you can knit in peace, without a kitten snacking on your Noro. Unlike someone I know.


Agh, I would I have been a goner for sure! I'm sorry I missed going, though...I definitely want to hook up with y'all if you get together again. Um, that Boerne thing? Must go check calendar...


It really is a good thing I couldn't come. I probably would have come home with kittens!


I seriously have to run in the other direction when I see baby animals. Else I will cry when I leave for I know they cannot come home with me. The rest of my zoo would be unhappy with yet another critter and would likely leave me unpleasant presents when I leave the house.

S t a c i

Pink ears and pink tongues and pink paw pads and little straight tails! I want to hug them and sniff them!

I'm so sorry I missed the get-together, but I'm glad I spared myself the torture of witnessing the bring-me-home-with-you faces.

Beer before breakfast? Good times.


The idea of me having to sleep outside with the winter coming is all that kept me from taking any kittens with me. Saturday was such fun. I can't wait for Kid & Ewe. It will last almost all day, or until some of us pass out from all the uh, fun.


Freaking adorable!


So adorable! Did you go back to get them yet? They want you!

Beer for breakfast? No problem! Our rule is no beer before 8 am and no hard liquor before 10 am.


oh, and of all kinds, ORANGE krattins? that would have killed me... all that fuz?
we brought home a fuz ball ourselves this weekend, but of the canine sort... have you ever snuggled with a mini schnauzer??

I am so jealous, beer before breakfast, knitting and kittens would have sent me over the edge, my face would have hurt from smiling I am sure.

Bonnie Beer Bitch

mmmm, Beereakfast!
I sooo wanna visit Austin. It's like a cooler version of the East bay (CA)

Stalker Angie

Why must you post the cuteness that is the orange ones? I avoided posting kitty pics, people. I am not the evil one here.

It was soooo cool to meet you this weekend and I cannot wait for our next get together. I am so wanting to go to Kid 'N' Ewe now. Must...see...knitty...friends....arg! Hee!


You are extra strong, Caro - I am not allowed to play with adoptable kittens or puppies since I have a tendency to adopt them while in total denial of the teensy square footage of our house. Plus, I still have the meanest cat alive to answer for. Grrrrrrrrrrr - good thing she's still cute.


Not a huge kitty fan, but those certainly are sweet!


Ha! Cute will get you every time. That's how I wound up with the toe~attacking kitten. We walked right through the front door and made himself at home. What could the hubby say to that?

See you at Kid & Ewe!


HAHAHAHA! I also almost went home with those kittens! I had to call the Hub and tell him there were babykitties there so that he would specifically ask me to please not bring them home.

Can't wait for Kid-n-Ewe!

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